A Heart for Least-Reached People

A church in Myanmar embraced God’s heart for reaching people with the Gospel, and found a new mission. Here’s more with the Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As Global Disciples, we want to see people around the world have the opportunity to hear about Jesus, and to choose to follow Him. So we get excited when local churches in other countries catch the vision for reaching those still without the Gospel in their own region.

Cho is a church leader in Myanmar—or Burma—who shares our vision. His church is focused on reaching the Buddhist population in a developing city close to them.

“Our hearts were touched by the Holy Spirit,” Cho reported, “and our vision is to reach these people. Their spiritual eyes are blind and they live in a city that has a very dark spirit.”

With the help of Global Disciples, Cho has started a discipleship-mission training program. During the training, he saw the Holy Spirit work in the lives of those who participated. They found their spiritual lives transformed and renewed. Cho said, “They committed their whole lives for Jesus, to share the Good News in least-reached areas.”

For their outreach, Cho and these young disciple-makers went to the city they were concerned about. They shared the Gospel in the local market and the Buddhist temple. He reported, “We talked to families, spoke with women and children, and taught them songs and Bible stories.”

Some people objected, including the local chief. Cho said, “They called us into their office and warned us not to preach anymore. But we went out with our group and kept sharing the Gospel!”

As a result, two new churches were planted and 17 new believers were added. Cho was also rejoicing, saying “This has transformed our church people—they now value the spiritual lives of unreached people, and they are eager and committed to reaching them with the Good News of Jesus.”

Catching the vision, training and sending out workers for the spiritual harvest, and then multiplying new followers of Jesus Christ. That’s exactly what we want to see as Global Disciples!

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