Do you invest in what you believe in? Take a moment to consider your answer to that question with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

As we tell the stories of God at work around the world, we invite you to participate with us. One way to get involved this summer is through GoGlobal 1Day. A way to share, and pray, and give to reach least-reached people. I’m joined today by Barbara who’s on our Communications team.

Barbara, what does GoGlobal 1 Day mean to you?

Barbara:              Well, last year, Galen, we introduced the idea of 1Day, challenging people to consider what they earned in a day and then make that as a gift to reach people with the Gospel. It certainly challenged me to invest in what I believe in, and what I’m working on every day. Basically — to put my money where my mouth is! So this year, I’m happy to do it again.

Galen:           With GoGlobal 1Day, we focus on praying for least-reached people. On sharing the stories of what God is doing. And on giving to support the efforts to reach the least-reached. How are you getting involved in this way?

Barbara:            Well, giving personally is always great. But what really excites me is that this year, GoGlobal 1Day offers a way to involve our friends, our tribe. And when I discover a book or a movie I love—everybody knows, I’m a huge fan of things, and I get excited, I tell my people and I want them to share the experience.

And so through GoGlobal 1Day, I can pull my people together to help Christ-followers in other countries reach people with the Good News. I just started by going to—that’s 1 as a number–clicked on Give, and followed the option to create my own donation page. The instructions are all spelled out, I just filled in the information and then shared the page with my friends on Facebook, and twitter, and by email. It was like a mini Kickstarter just for GoGlobal 1Day.

Galen:           What do you hope to see out of this?

Barbara:              Well, my friends are scattered all across the country so I see it as a way to get together, and work together to reach people through Global Disciples. I have some really creative friends, some makers and crafters, so I’m challenging them to create something and commit the proceeds to GoGlobal 1Day. I’m just excited to see what God will do with the efforts of my people and anyone else gets involved this year.

Galen:           Thanks, Barbara. We hope to hear many stories as people take part in GoGlobal 1Day. It starts with GoGlobal 1Day-dot-org. That’s the numeral 1. You can get involved in prayer, in sharing stories, and through giving. Then on September 7, join us at the WJTL Junction Center as we celebrate together. Details are online at GoGlobal 1Day-dot-org. Next week, we’ll be back with a new story of God at work on the next Global Story.

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