A Question of Life and Death

As I think about this day, I’m reminded of the old Gospel tune, “Were you there?”

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

I was sitting in a room full of pastors, enjoying fellowship and sharing the burdens of ministry with each other in prayer when a beeper went off. Unusual as we all worked to keep this a protected time.

Then another beep, and one pastor stepped out to take a call. A third beep and a fourth. Then the one who stepped out came back in and publicly excused himself, announcing that a plane had flown into one of the Twin Towers in New York City.

Shock, confusion, a quick prayer and dismissal as we all sensed the need to get back to our offices to be ready and prepared to respond to our congregations.

Where were you? Each year we ask this question as a reminder: Don’t Forget. We are vulnerable, no matter how much security we try to wrap ourselves in.

As the plaintive notes of the Gospel tune work through my mind, I contemplate an even more critical moment in history: The day of the Cross, and the self-sacrificing work of the Lamb of God.

On September 11, thousands died an unexpected and sudden death, meeting their Creator and entering eternity with no ability to change the result. Many also died in their efforts to rescue others.

Each faced eternity. Some were prepared for that meeting with Jesus. Others were not.

This day always reminds me of the fragility of life and that we are not promised tomorrow. So what am I doing today? Who have I shared the Gospel with?

Christ gave us a command to go and make disciples. The work of Global Disciples is to reach those who have no opportunity to hear of Jesus’ name in a way they can understand and make a choice to believe.

We press on day after day because every day an estimated 49,000 people enter eternity without the hope of Jesus Christ. Without peace. Without the assurance of living in eternal light.

On your journey of discipleship, is the Spirit of God asking you to take action today so that someone might hear the Gospel for the first time?

We invite you to join us in the journey to reach the least-reached. Would you consider two requests? First, pray for the lost and that the Lord of the Harvest would send workers to those who haven’t heard. Second, consider a gift that enables a worker to go and share the Gospel of Christ with someone, delivering hope, peace, joy and the love of Jesus that brings healing and restoration to relationships.

Are you there? Either in person or in prayer as someone today hears the Gospel for the first time?

John McGee
VP Partner Relations

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