In the Tea Gardens

God is planting His church among the tea gardens of Asia. Galen explains with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

If I mention a “tea garden”—you likely think of something peaceful and idyllic. A beautiful garden filled with flowers and trees, where you can sit and enjoy tea, maybe something good to eat, or a relaxed conversation with friends.

But if you live in north-east India, into Bangladesh, or Nepal…a tea garden is the plantation of tea bushes. It means hard work, walking steep hills, a basket on your back, and long days in the sun and wind.

A tea garden is also a place for discipleship. Tati and his wife live in a tea-growing region and work in the gardens. Recently he participated in a local discipleship-mission training. He said, “I learned many things about God and Jesus Christ, and how to share Jesus with others.”

In his outreach, Tati returned to the tea gardens. He visited 15 plantations in about 40 days. “I shared Jesus Christ among the workers in the tea gardens,” he reported. “We prayed for one child who had a terrible fever and she was healed. Her family put their faith in Christ as they saw this miracle in the name of Jesus. Praise God!”

Tati led six people to faith in Jesus. Now he and his family see it as their mission to share the Gospel among those who are working in the tea gardens.

Hira is also working in the tea gardens alongside her husband and she was encouraged to take the training. Hira said, “I prayed many times to attend; I’ve never learned this way before and I’m very blessed.”

For outreach, she shared the Gospel with the women and children in the tea gardens.

She said, “Two families put their faith in Jesus Christ. It was amazing to see them become children of God. I want to share the Gospel of Jesus with these people until they all receive Him as their Savior!”

Thanks to Tati and Hira and many others like them, disciples are multiplying and Christ is growing His Church in the tea gardens of Asia!

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