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Darkness & Diamonds

Bringing light to those in spiritual darkness is the mission of a young man named Luc. Galen tells his story with today’s Global Story


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Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

In the southern regions of Democratic Republic of Congo—or DRC—along the border with Angola, there are several people groups largely unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They practice sorcery and fetishism, seeking blessing from spirits and worshiping things they believe have magical powers. Additionally, diamond mining and its supporting business has created a boomtown in the region.

However, one of the few believers from this area, a man named Luc, attended Global Disciples training in another city in DRC. Luc was quick to embrace the vision of making disciples among least-reached people. And once he was equipped to train others as disciple-makers too, he was commissioned to return home as a mission worker.

Over the years, many mission workers and church planters have come to this region but the spiritual opposition from the sorcerers and the other practices has often proved too much and they give up. Now, with diamond mining, there is added temptations for pastors and church leaders to abandon their efforts and “follow the money” into mining and business.

So Luc faced with a significant challenge on his return home. However, God honored his efforts. And Luc is making a difference among his people.

He started a discipleship-mission training program, and he led outreach to communities around the region. The disciple-makers he sends out have planted and multiplied churches in DRC and over the border in Angola. He’s equipping elders and deacons to lead these new churches. And some local leaders are even seeking out Luc for leadership training!

What a joy to see God bringing new life and transformation to least-reached people in Central Africa!

We also need to pray for Luc, and the disciple-makers and the church planters he’s training, that the Holy Spirit will protect them from the temptations around them. That they will be faithful to His calling to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And as you pray for Luc, ask God how He wants to use you to reach others today.

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