God Is Our Help

We may see great results in our ministry, but as today’s Global Story reminds us, it’s always the work of God our Helper. Here’s Galen…

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

Vihaan leads a discipleship-mission training in northern India, launched with the help of Global Disciples. When he had the opportunity to report, he was eager to talk about their success and the challenges they faced.

“We had 15 participants the first year,” Vihaan said. “For outreach, they went house to house and prayed for many people. This encouraged our disciple-makers and ten new house fellowships were started. We asked them to go to three different places, where they also began fellowships. And they’re now taking care of these churches.”

“In the second training, more people came from three districts and we saw the fruit of further outreach, praying for people, making new disciples, and planting more fellowships.”

Vihaan says, “In many difficulties, God has helped us.”

When an older woman and follower of Jesus, died, she was the first Christian to pass away in this community so her burial became an issue. Family members and neighbors insisted the body should be burned, according to their religious custom. But the pastor and others stood firm, and Vihaan said, “We made a coffin and since there is no graveyard, we went and buried the body. God gave us the strength to do these things.”

In another village, a woman who was a new believer called one night because her son had been kidnapped!

Vihaan said, “We began to pray. And in the morning I rode my bicycle to their village and encouraged them saying, ‘he is God’s child and he will come back.’ As we prayed, someone dropped off the boy. We asked him what had happened but he was so afraid, he couldn’t give any names. We found out later there were some who were opposing us who had taken him captive, but God had freed him and brought him home.”

Despite these difficulties, Vihaan said, “God is doing a mighty thing in our place. And we praise God for this!”

And so do we, as Vihaan and those he’s training seek to share the Gospel of Jesus among people who need to hear it.

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