Hungry for God’s Word

If you want to help meet the spiritual needs of people without the Gospel, then go right to where they are. Galen has more with this Global Story

Welcome to “The Global Story,” a weekly glimpse into how God is at work through the global Body of Christ. This is Galen from Global Disciples.

“See what God is doing here in Rwanda!”

You could almost feel the joy in the email from one of our Global Disciples Rwandan staff members. He was forwarding a report from a discipleship-mission program that is embracing the vision to reach least-reached people.

The director, Pastor Albert, shared a testimony from a recent training. Usually the training happens in one location and then the disciple-makers go out in pairs or small teams to a community in need of the Gospel. This time, Pastor Albert arranged to do the training in the place they wanted to reach!

They chose a district and community with little representation of the Gospel and relocated. Pastor Albert led the classroom training each morning and focused on key components of being a disciple of Jesus, and how to share the Gospel with people.

Then around 1o’clock in the afternoon, the participants would go out and put it all into practice. They went door-to-door, striking up conversations with people they met and telling them about Jesus. In the evening, Albert and the team held an open air meeting preaching the Gospel and calling people to follow Christ.

Albert said, “God was so faithful! We had 90 people accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Several people were demon possessed, and the Lord set them free!”

He sent a few photos of the new believers, their faces were beaming with joy as they gathered together to worship and learn more about Jesus.

“A new church was started and it is going to be very strong,” Albert reported. “People in this area are so hungry for the Word of God. We are going to do our level best to follow up with these young babies in Christ so they grow in their Christian faith.”

We rejoice with Albert to see this new church begin, and to know that the life-giving message of the Gospel is reaching those who are hungry and searching for it. God deserves all the honor and glory for this amazing work!

And you and I participate with God as we serve, equip, and pray for these brothers and sisters around the world.

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