Eager to Serve

Ayomi is a young woman in her early twenties. As a Christian, she attended her church in Sri Lanka, but like many believers, she never really developed her relationship with Jesus. And she wasn’t interested serving in ministry or outreach.

However, her church connected with a discipleship-mission training program, launched with the help of Global Disciples. And Pamu, a program director, decided Ayomi needs this training. When he invited her to participate, Ayomi half-heartedly agreed.

Then the Holy Spirit went to work. Ayomi began to experience the love of God in a fresh way. She started to understand what it meant to have a right relationship with God and develop intimacy with Him.

And it changed her life! Her prayer life deepened and she committed her life to serving the Lord. As she learned about evangelism, it moved her to work in new ways.

Ayomi started to serve in the Sunday school in her church, eagerly teaching the children and helping them to meet Jesus. Along with Pamu, and other young people from her fellowship, she went to a remote village to help out with outreach.

This once shy and uninvolved girl became a bold witness, sharing the Gospel and telling others about the love of Jesus and the salvation that He offers.

Today, Ayomi is eager to serve whenever and wherever she can. Pamu, the director, says she is engaged in equipping other people to make disciples too. Her experience with the Lord, through the training of Global Disciples, has changed her life and been a glowing witness to those around her.

Ayomi is just one person—but she’s one of thousands who have discovered that she can be part of Jesus’ commission to make disciples of all nations. For her, it’s working in her homeland in Sri Lanka where millions still do not know the message of the Gospel.

As Global Disciples, we want to make it possible for people like Ayomi to become disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped and empowered to make disciples especially among the least-reached!

How are you helping those who have never heard the Good News, to receive and accept it?

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