Get Moving

“God has not called us just to sit and wait,” Sempala said. “As God’s servants, we’re called to move out and get involved in business, while sharing the Good News and building relationships.”

Sempala is from Uganda. And he leads a Global Disciples partner program that equips disciple-makers and church planters in small business.

A small business can be a key to a sustainable ministry, as we’ve seen with Global Disciples. A business gives a church planter a means of support.

It also provides an identity in a community—and answers some of the initial questions about why you’re here. That’s crucial in places with restrictions or where there’s opposition to an evangelist or someone hoping to plant a church. A person with a business can be viewed with less suspicion and connect more easily.

In Sempala’s training program, he trained 15 people to consider what God has placed in their hands that could be used for a business. And then he helped them create a business plan, develop a budget, understand the marketplace, and work through other key issues.

More importantly, they looked at how they can use their business to reach people with the Gospel by building relationships and opening up conversations about Jesus.

Sempala took a more direct approach with those he trained. He spent time in developing their businesses, but he also engaged in focused outreach.

He reported, “We went to two different locations—15 people gave their lives to Christ in one place. And 10 at a second place, and a new fellowship was started. Our men and women are now sharing the Good News through their businesses. God is being glorified through the work of their hands.”

This combination of outreach with business is having a broader impact too, Sempala said. “The community sees that God can use what you have in your hands. We’re not called to just sit and wait! We have a desire to see Uganda come to Jesus Christ, and this is what we can do.”

May God raise up more people like Sempala to equip others and share the Gospel in the isolated and least-reached areas of Uganda…and around the world.

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