God Will Make a Way

Manish was struggling to figure out how to serve God and make a living. But in his setting in India, you work a job or you do ministry. You don’t do both. So what would he do?

Manish came from a Hindu family but his parents died when he was a child and his sister raised him. When she came to faith in Jesus, she learned about a Christian orphanage where Manish could get an education. He learned about Jesus and the Bible, came to faith, was baptized and went on to Bible school.

Manish said, “I had all this Christian experience, yet I did not have a good personal relationship with God. And I wasn’t convinced about God’s call on my life.”

He finished Bible school, struggling and uncertain, and returned home. He heard about a local discipleship-mission training, launched with the help of Global Disciples. His pastor insisted he attend.

“It really opened my spiritual eyes,” Manish said. “I deepened my relationship with God.” Manish finished his training and outreach but then returned to his regular job.

“I was frustrated at what I should do. I thought nobody was interested in my future,” he said.

When he volunteered to help with Global Disciples training the next year, he said, “It really took me into God’s presence. I fasted and prayed. God spoke to me and His calling was clear. I left the job and joined in His work.”

Then God opened the door for Manish to take a Global Disciples small business training. He learned how ministry and business can work together to reach people with the Gospel.

This answered many questions and gave him a new joy and satisfaction in fulfilling his calling. He started a business that gives him opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with five or six unreached areas.

Manish said, “By the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, there are small groups of people starting to worship the Lord and study the Word, where there before were no believers or churches.”

Praise God, for answering Manish in his struggles and opening a way to fulfill his calling to work a job and to reach the least-reached.

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