My Greatest Joy…

“My passion for sharing Jesus keeps increasing,” Josiah said. A discipleship-mission trainer from Cameroon, Josiah reported on how his church cluster was making disciples and planting churches among the least-reached.

Josiah said, “Three years ago, I was the only one directing a discipleship training program in our region. But I thank God that now we have 8 programs, and 2 more small business development trainings. Today, we can count at least 21 new churches planted through these trainings.”

Church planting, equipping disciples, and using small business to support these efforts accounted for only part of Josiah’s excitement.

“My greatest joy,” he said, “is that unreached people are receiving the Good News of Jesus.”

The disciple-makers he’s trained had gone into northern Cameroon where the people were “just pagans” and completely without Christ.

“It was a very hard place to reach,” he said. “But we went and 21 people received Christ through our door-to-door evangelism.” Another village never had a church before—but they now do, and they recently baptized 17 new believers!

Josiah also shares the Global Disciples vision with other church leaders. He met with one leader who was so thin and sickly, he could hardly walk. As Josiah explained the vision and how training would help, the man’s face lit up with excitement!

“At last, God has answered my prayer,” he said. For years, he had been praying for a way to train and equip his people.  

Josiah trained a director from this leader’s church, and they started their own training. When Josiah went back to visit the church leader, he was a healthy and active man! Why?

The leader said, “Global Disciples training has given me hope. I didn’t have the means to take the Good News to the people who were unreached. Now I do—I have a reason to live and I am healed!”                    

No wonder Josiah’s passion for sharing Jesus continues to grow.

As Global Disciples, we’re so blessed be a part in what God is doing through Josiah and others like him in Cameroon, across Africa, and around the world, as they fulfill their passion and vision to share Jesus with least-reached people. 

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