A Life-changing Conversation

You’ve probably heard about “divine appointments”—those times when it’s clear that God set up a meeting or a conversation that will further the work of His Kingdom. Or maybe change someone’s life for eternity.

Albert knows about divine appointments. He directs a Global Disciples partner program in Zambia, so he sets up the training for a group of disciple-makers. Not only does he lead the teaching sessions—training and bringing others along to provide additional instruction or share their experiences—but Albert also sets up where they will meet, and he makes sure the meals and materials are provided. For a recent training, Albert recruited three local women to take on the cooking and feeding the participants. And they did the job well.

A key lesson is on Making Disciples in the way of Jesus. And after the classroom time, one of the participants decided to put what he learned into practice right away. So he started to talk with Muga, one of the cooks.

Albert said, “The disciple-maker asked her if she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But she was not a believer.” However, she was open with the disciple-maker about her life.

Muga was in her late 30s, once married but now divorced. And she had seven men in her life. They were each given a day to visit her, and she managed it so that they didn’t know they were all dating the same woman. She had help too—she used charms from the local witch-doctor to trap and to keep their attention.

But when Muga heard about Jesus, who loved her and died for her, and wanted to give her abundant and eternal life, she made a choice. She gave her life to the Lord! She gave up the charms to be destroyed and is seeing her life transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the mighty name of Jesus.

A divine appointment—a conversation engineered by God to bring one more person into His Kingdom. As His disciples, our job is to be ready to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit and participate in God’s work.

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