Dream Big

Imagine the conversation at your church if someone announced that for the next three years, your congregation would bring about 5 thousand people to faith in Christ…each year?

Maybe your church dreams and plans at that scale. But I would guess that most of us wouldn’t quite know what to do with that vision!

It would be exciting, wouldn’t it? To see that many people find new and eternal life in Jesus Christ. And that they were being discipled to be effective disciple-makers too.

I recently read a testimony from a disciple-maker named Samuel, in Ethiopia. He was trained by Global Disciples to equip and multiply disciples. For three years now, he and his church network have been training and sending out disciple-makers and church planters.

Samuel came to Christ as a teenager and saw his whole family—including 7 brothers and 1 sister—put their faith in Jesus. Since age 19, he has served in the church. He said, “We had a good ministry going but it was not as strong as it is now with our Global Disciples training. In only 3 years, we have sent out 52 disciple-makers and church planters. In our network, almost all our leaders were trained by Global Disciples, and as a result, we’re reaching out more.”

One strategy they use is to send teams from the discipleship training out to help and support the church planters in their new communities. As part of their outreach, they join the church planter in sharing the Good News, discipling new believers, helping with baptism, and serving in any other activities to equip and build up that newly-planted fellowship. It’s a great way to encourage a church planter—and be about the business of multiplying disciples at the same time.

In just three years, Samuel reported, “About 16 thousand and seventy people have been reached with the Gospel and come to know Jesus. We’ve started 8 new churches.” That’s over 5 thousand people a year!

What God does in Ethiopia, He can do anywhere. And He uses whole-hearted disciples of Jesus who share the Good News of the Savior. You can do it—and so can I!


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