A Vision for Nepal

“I give thanks to God and Global Disciples,” Chetan reported. “Since we started our leadership training in 2011, we’ve trained 6 hundred and 75 leaders, pastors, and church planters.”

Chetan directs leadership training and discipleship-mission training near his home in Nepal. He’s seen tremendous growth as they reach out and share the Good News of Jesus.

Through the discipleship-mission training, he’s trained 6 groups of disciple-makers, averaging about 15 participants per group, and so far, they’ve planted 32 churches in nine different areas of Nepal. The leadership program has multiplied too–planting another 27 churches.

Chetan said, “In our district, there are one hundred fifty churches; our vision is to have a church in every village. One place we preached, 11 people came to Christ. Another group wanted to have a church there so we gladly handed the new believers over to them. In another village, 40 people believed. It’s very far from our base and so the follow up was going to be difficult. But a nearby church offered to help and they are now looking after these believers.”

But it’s not been easy. Chetan reflected on the challenges they face. “When one person believes, there is persecution,” he said, “When one family believes, there’s opposition. One place we planted a church, a local police officer gave us land on a lease to establish a church. Our prayer is to purchase the plot. But the community is circulating a petition to keep us from building a church there.”

At times, those participating in the training were difficult to deal with, Chetan says, “With spiritual training, we must humble ourselves and serve. We spent much of our time in prayer. I have 11 prayer warriors who prayed for 72 hours, and God blessed and worked in this area. The Holy Spirit has helped us develop workers for the ministry.”

With prayer, persistence, and a God-given vision to reach those still waiting for the Gospel, Chetan and those he serves are seeing the Lord do great things in their area of Nepal.

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