Embracing the Vision

With great excitement, Obed said, “God’s vision, and my vision too, is to see each and every person have the opportunity to choose and follow Jesus! It’s on my mind when I pray, when I sleep, when I’m awake. I always ask God to help me share with others.”

As Global Disciples, that’s our vision too. In fact, Obed is one of the church leaders we equipped to develop and direct a discipleship-mission training in his home country of Rwanda. He embraced the vision with enthusiasm.

Obed continued, “Since I started training disciple-makers, I’ve seen a great transformation. The first year, we trained 15 disciple-makers and 270 people came to faith in Christ during our outreach. The second year, 14 were trained, and another 200 people came to Christ. This year, so far, we’ve seen 150 people come to Christ.”

Obed says, “It’s not the same as other trainings—it changes our lives!”

He talked about meeting a witchdoctor who had 2 wives, and 6 children. But because of his witchcraft, five of his children had died, and then one wife left him. His only living son had gone mad, he was running around naked. While the boy’s mother refused to let Obed and his team talk to the witchdoctor, but a neighbor introduced them.

Obed said, “We told the witchdoctor we had heard of his troubles, and we came with Good News. He had heard the Gospel but feared that if he turned to Jesus, the evil spirits would destroy him.” The witchdoctor mentioned a shrine and said that if the Christians would burn it, and he wasn’t harmed, then he would put his faith in Jesus.

Obed said, “So we burned the shrine, God healed his son, and the man came to Christ. And as a result, many others also chose to follow Jesus!”

No wonder Obed is so passionate about sharing the Gospel and fulfilling this mission. He’s seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ and disciples multiplied every day.

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