Following the Vision

“There is no greater joy than seeing a person get saved by grace through faith in Christ,” Li said.

Li leads a discipleship-mission training program in Myanmar and they’re seeing fruitful mission outreach in some of the most remote villages.

He reported on their outreach efforts, sharing the Gospel of Jesus person to person, and house to house in rural communities. He said, “The local people are receptive and in one village, about a hundred accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.”

He also talked with great excitement about Wai!

Wai is a young woman, well educated, a mom with a toddler daughter, and one of the disciple-makers he trained. Wai had a good job all lined up in the city when some difficulties kept her from taking it.

A few days later, Li’s wife called Wai and invited her to participate in the discipleship training. Wai responded quickly—it was just what she knew God wanted her to do!

God had already put a vision in her heart to reach local people with the Gospel of Christ. So she packed up her small daughter and traveled to the training

As Wai took part in the training and outreach, it was clear that God had clearly given her this vision. Wai is passionate about making Christ-like disciples, and developing women leaders, and helping families thrive. She is actively serving as an indigenous missionary church planter.

In fact, as people came to faith in Christ and a new fellowship was started, Wai stayed to give leadership!

Thanks to Wai, Li, and the rest of the disciple-makers, hundreds of people in these remote villages have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus for the first time.

Li said it, “God is at work. We do our part, and God is doing His. Mission opportunities are everywhere. And Christ’s love compels us, so that we are committed to channel every opportunity into this mission work.”

I couldn’t have said it better. Christ’s love compels us—let’s make the most of our opportunities today!

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  1. Simon oghenero mervin on April 6, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Great work beloved in Christ Jesus. It’s my prayer that God give us more zeal to do His will. Thanks and God increase u all in Jesus mighty name

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