Man On a Mission

Biruk is a church planter in Ethiopia.

His local cluster of churches uses our Global Disciples approach to equip disciple-makers to go out and plant churches among least-reached people. And recently, they added our small business training to give their church planters a means of support and a tool for sharing Jesus Christ.

Biruk finished the business training with a clear vision for reaching people with the Gospel. He started a tailoring business, rented a machine, and [began] sewing for people in his community.

One day, a woman came up whose daughter was possessed by demons. Biruk prayed for her, and the daughter was delivered by the power of Jesus.

The mother was so grateful, she helped Biruk find a place for his business. A space that he could also use for the new church!

When a local drug addict heard the message of Jesus, he put his faith in Christ.  The Lord freed him from his addiction, and he was discipled by Biruk. He’s now a leader in the new church, an outspoken witness for Jesus. And Biruk helped him develop a shoe cleaning business to support himself.

Biruk thought this was a good start but he had a vision for more.

So, he built a team of disciples to take the Good News of Jesus to other least-reached communities. They planted four churches! And before he moved on, Biruk made sure that each new fellowship had a trained leader.

When he took his tailoring business to another community, he set up shop in the market, and began sharing the Gospel as he worked. He met several people who were caught up in witchcraft or possessed by evil spirits. When Biruk prayed for them in the name of Jesus, the demons were expelled, and the Holy Spirit came in power!

In just one day, 70 people put their faith in Jesus!

Biruk has now handed off leadership for this fellowship to another church planter from his small business training…and he’s ready to move to the next community.

He’s a man on a mission—using his small business to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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