God is moving all over the world. He’s empowering people in many places, using hundreds of languages, to reach those in need of the life-changing message of the Gospel.

As Global Disciples, we’re privileged to serve those who are taking the Good News among least-reached people.

Yet, it’s hard work. It comes at a price. Those taking the light of Jesus Christ into places where spiritual darkness has been firmly entrenched for thousands of years, will often do so at a great personal cost.

Recently, several program directors in South Asia reflected on the difficulty of sharing the Gospel and the opposition that they face as they seek to equip other followers of Jesus as disciples and church planters.

Pastor D* said, “In my area, there is a tension, and conflict with the Buddhists. Already seven pastors or evangelists have left because it is so difficult. I worry for the new believers who may not know how to stand in their faith.” Pastor D explained that sometimes the local Buddhist monks would create trouble. When a visiting evangelist came to share the Gospel, he was arrested and put in jail, maybe for up to two years.

Pastor D led an outreach and said, “In the evening, we showed the Jesus film in their language. But some officials came and gave us a hard time, so we didn’t have the freedom to share more. Many village leaders don’t like Christians. From time to time, the officials take us for questioning, and it’s difficult work.”

Another pastor works among a people group which has resisted the Gospel. He said, “There are many villages where there are no Christians. And if someone becomes a Christian, the local village leaders take all their belongings—everything! So, it’s very hard for them to consider putting their faith in Jesus. Pray for these villages and this people group.”

Reaching the least-reached with the Good New of Jesus is hard work. It comes at a price. But God has faithful servants around the world who are willing to pay the price, and fulfill His mission, no matter what difficulties they face. Praise God!


*names changed for security

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