When the Holy Spirit Does His Work…

“Before I came to the Global Disciples Directors training, my personal relationship with God was not all that healthy,” Achi said, describing his spiritual state a few years ago. “I was filled with questions about God and about myself. I was like a hunter, wondering where to go next after a lot of struggles.”

Achi, a church leader in Uganda, was struggling. He said, “My life was full of emotions from family issues, frustrations, and the torture of trusting in myself. I rarely prayed, and when I did, I was not focused…I only prayed because everyone else was praying,”

As Achi attended the Global Disciples Directors Training, it struck a chord in his searching heart. “God changed my whole life to become a testimony for others to come and see,” he said.

The Directors Training equips believers like Achi in the core components of being a disciple of Jesus, so they can train others to be a disciple-making disciple. The Holy Spirit often works in these sessions to touch the directors first, empowering them to train from experience as well as study.

Achi found his life remade by the Holy Spirit. The session on Intimacy with God provided the foundation. He said, “My relationship with God has improved to be a beautiful thing. I have a reason to seek God and to hunger for more. He has made me a missionary and has become my purpose in life.”

Lessons on Holy Spirit Empowerment and Developing Christ-like Relationships also impacted Achi’s family relationships and his commitment to the mission of the Gospel. He relates, “God has given me the ability to stay in harder places, far from home, and to be comfortable there on mission.”

It’s meant a radical change for his family. Last year God directed them to move to a new community for further outreach. His children changed schools, and his family is adapting to a new culture and language, but Achi says, “We are happy to see God directing our lives each day.”

Achi’s renewed relationship with the Lord is bearing fruit in those he has trained as disciple-makers—they’ve already planted six churches! Phineas, one young trainee, is a great help, actively involved in outreach, and has assisted in planting another four churches.

Achi reports another transformation as he share the core components with local churches. “We are seeing unity in the churches in our area. The teachings on Intimacy with God, Holy Spirit empowerment, and Christ-like Relationships have helped us to resolve conflict in the church and in the community since they call for peace and reconciliation between man and God.”

Change in one heart is spilling into the lives of others and in churches and the community. No wonder Achi rejoices, “I want to thank God for calling me to serve through teaching others His Word. And we will use these components to build and restore God’s people back to God.”

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