Courage to Share the Gospel

About three years ago, God opened the door for Global Disciples to provide training for church clusters in the nation of Chad, in North Africa. While only about 56 percent of Chadians claim to be Muslim, Islam is the dominant influence in government and trade. Of the 1 hundred 48 people groups in Chad, nearly two-thirds of them are unreached with the Gospel.

It was exciting to see this door open. And God has brought multiplication, good local leadership, and opportunities to reach the least-reached. Recently, the training directors for Chad and neighboring Niger got together an Annual Equipping Event and shared their stories.

A director named Pascal talked about the first training program. He said, “We had 14 participants and during the outreach, over 400 people came to faith in Christ, and we planted 6 churches.”

But he found the second year more challenging. Another 14 participants were registered but only 6 showed up for the training. Pascal says, “This was not ideal but my brothers in the Lord encouraged me to start anyway.” And when it came time for outreach, Pascal said, “The Lord guided us to different areas, and with these six people, we saw 5 hundred and 40 people turn to Christ and three churches that were birthed. We baptized many…and it was all because of the transformed lives of these six people!” Praise God!

Bekou also directs a discipleship-mission program. He said, “In our second year, we had thirteen complete the training and we went to the south of Chad for outreach. It was evident that many people were in need of the Word of God. During the outreach, more than five hundred people placed their faith in Jesus Christ.”

Bekou said, “We also shared the Gospel with one imam—a local Muslim leader—and he responded by asking us to plant a church in his region! When I witnessed this, I realized this is no time to be shy. We must be full of courage and share the Gospel always!”

Have courage, share the Gospel—that’s true for each of us. And let’s rejoice and pray for God’s continued work in the nation of Chad.

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