Danbir knows about facing hurdles and obstacles. He leads a discipleship-mission training in Nepal. He and the disciple-makers he trained ran into a significant need when they went to share the Gospel in a village—and discovered there was no water! No water for anyone in the community to drink, to wash, to water fields. And his team did not carry any water with them.

God is always at work, but He doesn’t guarantee that our part in His work will run smoothly and that everybody gets along. Difficulties show up when, like Danbir, we face needs we can’t meet, experience opposition to our mission, or when we’re in conflict with those around us. But as whole-hearted disciples, we learn to trust God to work despite these hurdles. As a result, we can see a powerful testimony and rich spiritual fruit in our lives.

When Danbir was faced with this need for water, he recognized he had to trust God. As a whole-hearted disciple of Jesus, he gathered his team to fast and pray. When the Lord miraculously provided water for the village, it became a powerful testimony. Danbir reported, “There are now 20 new believers preparing for baptism!”

The hurdles we face can also stem from our own human nature as we relate to and serve one another. Rushil, another Nepali director, shared that during his initial training, conflict developed between students from two different ethnic groups. Longstanding prejudices and cultural traits fueled the tensions and interfered with learning to be a whole-hearted disciple of Jesus.

Then a local pastor taught on the session on Right Relationships. Rushil said, “Through that, the lives of the participants were touched by the Lord. They confessed their guilt and sought reconciliation among themselves. In that way, the Lord brought transformation to their lives.” They were knit together in the Spirit and experienced His power as they went on to share the Good News among a least-reached people!

As we serve the Lord and share the Gospel, we won’t experience smooth sailing. But God is faithful to His promises and His people, and able to move the mountains of difficulty to fulfill His mission through each of us.


I want to share Jesus with least-reached people!

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