Reflecting God’s Faithfulness

We often talk about God’s faithfulness in leading, guiding, and providing for the work of mission. And His faithfulness to those he calls to take the Gospel to the least-reached. These stories build our faith and our trust in Him.

However, I’m often struck by the testimonies of those who reflect God’s faithfulness through their lives or ministry. It’s easy to see they are children of the Father, because they follow His example by being faithful to Him, to His calling, and to His mission. Those stories can inspire us to be faithful too.

Shaan has one of those testimonies. He currently directs a discipleship-mission program, launched with the help of Global Disciples, in South Asia. He’s in a setting where followers of Jesus are very much the minority, and often face tremendous opposition.

“When I came to faith in Jesus Christ,” Shaan said, “I was the first person in my village to accept Him as my Savior. But this was unacceptable to my people. I was physically tortured, and the villagers even threatened to kill me.”

Yet despite these challenges, Shaan remained faithful to the Lord, and sought to bring even more people to faith in Jesus. “Thirteen people came to the Lord from my village,” he said, “And in the neighboring villages.  And after this, persecution became even more severe for the church members.”

Even today, living in his community is very difficult. Often the local shops will refuse to let him or his family buy the groceries they need, so it means travelling a long way to another community where they don’t know him and won’t refuse his business.

Shaan sees these obstacles as an opportunity to live in faithfulness. He’s training others to be faithful disciples who are willing to share the Gospel in whatever the place or circumstances that God will lead them to. And his heart goes out to his own neighbors and community who need to know the Jesus who can give them new, abundant and eternal life.

He’s asking us to pray for his village, and his neighboring villages, that God would change and transform their lives.

Such faithfulness reflects the faithful heart of our God.

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