One of the first Global Stories I shared with you was about a man named Ebatshu. He uses our Global Disciples approach to lead discipleship-mission training in Democratic Republic of Congo.

His mission is to reach the pygmy people of Equatorial Africa, which are often marginalized and ignored. He included several pygmies in the first training and focused his outreach efforts on the pygmy communities.

In his first outreach, Ebatshu met a man named Adika. Like most of his people, Adika lived without clothes and depended on whatever the forest provided. At first, he wasn’t interested in hearing about Jesus. But Ebatshu wouldn’t give up.

He decided to put the message of the Gospel into action. So he gave his spare shirt and trousers to Adika. Adika was surprised and asked why? Ebatshu told him, “Because Jesus loves you, I love you, and I want to give these clothes to you.”

“Then I want to know Jesus,” Adika replied. And he soon gave his life to Christ, as did his wife and children. And Ebatshu discipled him while they shared the Gospel in the pygmy community. Adika even adopted a new name—Moses because he wanted to lead his people to follow God.

Well, Ebatshu recently updated the story. And today, Moses is leading a growing movement among his tribe. The church they started with 80 believers a few years ago, is now 200 members strong. In addition, Moses has gone on to plant 7 new churches in neighboring villages and giving oversight to the new leaders he has in place.

While they don’t have a Bible in their own language, Ebatshu has given each pastor a Bible in the trade language they understand. The pastors read the Bible to their congregations to help them better know the God they worship and follow. They also started a school for their children—a significant step for a people often excluded from education or training by the majority people around them.

What a joy to see how God has brought about multiplication among this people, rejected by their neighbors but never by the One who created them and died for them and has risen so they can live forever.


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