A Friend of Jesus

Micah is a new training director in Nigeria. And already he is seeing God doing great work in his life, and through those he’s training to make disciples and plant churches among least-reached people.

When Micah shared his experience, he said, “At director’s training, the topic of intimacy with God was important to me. God began to work in my life in a new way. I wanted walk with Him at a new level. He called me to do a prayer walk around the streets in our Muslim neighborhood, and He wants to do something there.”

As Micah started a local discipleship-mission training program with his church cluster, he saw the lesson on intimacy with God impact others as well.

“It has fueled a great outreach,” he said. “One man was so impacted, he went out and planted four churches. He is 54 years old; God has called him to spend the rest of his life for Jesus!”

A woman who participated in the training found new boldness. Micah said, “She was generally shy about speaking to people, but these lessons changed her.”

She found the courage to share the Gospel with a family member involved in a traditional religion. The man planned to attend a nighttime ritual across a river, but this woman prayed for God to keep him from that. When it was time to cross the river—he couldn’t do it. Another time, he slept through the night—and missed the ritual again!

Micah said, “He’s not a believer in Jesus yet, but when he comes to Christ, he will be able to influence many others.”

Micah found his passion for mission has increased. And as he’s had the opportunity to train others, and engage in sharing the Gospel, it has fueled his walk with God.

“It all comes back to intimacy with Jesus,” Micah said. “When you are a friend of Jesus, it becomes easy to bring other people to Him.”

Micah’s on to something. At its heart, sharing the Good News is really about introducing people to your friend Jesus. And that’s something any of us can do today.

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