A Vision at Work

“God gave me a wonderful privilege to be part of the Global Disciple training,” Batsa said. He directs a discipleship-mission training in Nepal.

As he shared his story with other Nepali directors and leaders, he explained, “When I was equipped by Global as a training director, it was different than other trainings. I was transformed by God, and I had a new vision to share with my church. Everybody was touched by that vision.”

So Batsa put the vision to work, starting a training program in 2014 under the leadership of his cluster of churches.  So far, they’ve trained and sent out 76 disciple-makers to plant churches among the least-reached people in Nepal.

Batsa said, “Before our training, we have a day of fasting and prayer. We find out about the places with no church, no witness to Jesus. And when it’s time for outreach, we go to that place. Recently, we had a team of participants went out on an outreach, and a community with no witness to the Gospel.”

Batsa reported, “God enabled us to plant a church with 25 new believers. And we are feeding them with the Word of God.”

Another Nepali director shared his story. Sang led a discipleship-mission training program for five years and about 130 people have completed the training. He said, “Some of those we’ve trained are continuing as church planters. One started a new fellowship this year among a mixed cultural group. There are 45 new believers and the number of believers is increasing each day.” Praise God!

The reports we hear from leaders like Batsa and Sang reflect the exciting work that God is doing among the people of Nepal. There are many challenges, of course.

Sang said, “It is always on my mind how we recruit participants, finance the training, and where we will go on outreach because our government is against the Gospel. We have a lot of problems, but God is working in our place through this training.”

No matter what the problems, God is greater. He can overcome each mountain we face. Pray for these Nepali leaders as they carry on training disciples and reaching the least-reached with the Good News of Jesus.

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