Mission through Business

In much of the world, a local church doesn’t have the resources to send out and support their own mission workers, or their pastor. So when you want to help mobilize the church to reach the least-reached, finding a way to develop local sustainability is absolutely essential.

That’s why Global Disciples offers small business training as part of our approach.

Azad lives in north India and went through a local Small Business Development training related to Global Disciples. “It’s been life-changing,” Azad said.

“I completed my training and started a business as a carpenter. It became a way to earn a living for my family, and through it I can share the Gospel. As people come into my shop and I’m invited to their homes to make household items for them, it opens a way to interact with them and talk about Jesus.”

Last year, Azad shared the Gospel to more than a hundred people, and he’s seen ten of them come to faith in Jesus. He works alongside his pastor to disciple and nurture these new believers.

Azad said, “I used to think ministry was just the pastor’s work, but now I understand that ministry to people can be done through business.”

Pranit did the same training as Azad. He said, “I had a general store, and after the training I started a cosmetic store too, and I am serving the Lord through this business. As a family, we share the Gospel with whoever comes to the shop.”

Last year, Pranit saw 15 people come to faith in Christ, and he baptized 13. He said, “We’re starting one cell group which all these people attend. I have decided in my life that I will share and spread the Gospel more and more through my future.”

We love to hear about people like Pranit and Azad, as they use what’s in their hands to support their outreach, their families, and their future ministry. And knowing they’re equipped to share the Gospel, to make disciples, and multiply the Body of Christ around the world.

Praise God with us as we see His people accomplishing His mission.

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