Advent: Willing to Share–the Shepherds & Navaj

With God, one is a big number.

One plan for our salvation and redemption. Jesus, God’s one and only Son, sent to accomplish this.

And for each one who believes in Jesus as their Savior, He has one mission: To share this Good News with the people of every language, tribe, nation, and religion.

But how do we fulfill the mission?

Let’s look at the shepherds’ example in Luke 2. They were tending sheep at night, when the angels delivered the wondrous message that the Savior was born! Overjoyed, the shepherds ran to see the baby.

That’s the first step: “Come and see.” Meet Jesus for yourself. Let Him change your heart and life. The shepherds gazed in awe and wonder at the promised salvation for the world. Today, we meet the crucified, resurrected and living Savior who has completed the gift of salvation for all who believe. Come and see.

Then the shepherds showed us step two: “Go and tell.” Go to your family, your friends next door, go as far as you can to tell people what you have seen and experienced with Jesus Christ!

When Navaj met Jesus Christ, he wanted to “go and tell.” Christians are a tiny minority in his nation, but his local church offered training in a Global Disciples program. He said, “It was a wonderful privilege to share the Gospel with least-reached people. We saw four people accept Christ.”

He and his team met a young girl under demonic influence. Her father tried everything to help her, but nothing worked. He asked Navaj and his friends to pray for his daughter.

Navaj said, “We were afraid, but we put our faith in Jesus Christ and prayed. She went unconscious first, but when she woke up, she was delivered! She and her father accepted Christ. Two neighbors saw this and they also put their faith in Jesus.”

Navaj is just one person—inviting others to come and see, then go and tell.

It’s that simple: Come and see Jesus the Savior. Go and tell the world which needs Him. Invite them to come and see for themselves, and then go and tell, multiplying each time!

And with God’s help, we’ll carry out this mission to change the world!

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  1. Pratap on December 30, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    Yes I agree. And I also rejoice in Him because He made me a part of His great commission and I’m also preparing myself to reach out to the Bengali Hindu community.

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