Advent: Willing to Risk–Joseph & Innis

At Christmas, I’m reminded of how often God uses just one person to move His plan along. And we know that with God, one is a big number.

Think about Joseph. He doesn’t get the attention that Mary does but when God spoke to Joseph, he obeyed. God asked him to do a hard thing, to take a risk as part of His mission. In his day, to have a pregnant fiancée could mean stoning. At the very least, it could mean losing his reputation, maybe even his livelihood.

Yet Joseph heard the voice of God and willingly did the hard thing. He stepped into the risk. He reminds me of Innis, who leads one of our Global Disciples partner programs in Malawi. Like Joseph, he understands doing the hard thing for the sake of Jesus.

Innis and the disciples he trained wanted to share the Gospel in a distant village. So, they sent someone ahead to get permission from the headman or the chief. Innis said, “The headman refused and called us a bunch of Satanists. He told his people to stone us if we come into the village.”

After much prayer, Innis and his team decided to proceed. When they reached the village, they found about a hundred and fifty people—men, women, even some children—ready and waiting to stone them.

Innis said, “We prayed and started to praise and worship Jesus. Then the people began confessing their practice of witchcraft! We continued praying, and a lot of people gave their lives to Christ. Finally, even the chief gave his life to Jesus!”

Despite the opposition, Innis and his team stood faithful. They willingly risked their lives to do the hard thing and share the message of Jesus in this community. As a result, God brought new life and freedom to many! In fact, a witch doctor who came to faith gave them a house to use. And a new church has been planted and it’s growing.

It only takes one—one person to hear God’s voice and willingly step into His mission, even if it means doing the hard thing. Will you follow the examples of Joseph and of Innis today?

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