Advent: Willing to Wait–Simeon & Banda

Well, the wait is nearly over. Christmas is a season of anticipation, waiting for the big day. Sometimes, especially as a child, it seems like you’re waiting forever! But in the waiting, something happens: activities, shopping, baking, decorating—all the work of preparation for the big celebration.

In the years leading up to the first Christmas and the birth of Jesus, God’s people thought nothing was happening. I think of Simeon, one simple, faithful, godly man who spent a lifetime waiting for God to fulfill His promise that he would indeed see the Christ. He just had to wait.

Then one day, nudged by the Holy Spirit, Simeon had his glorious moment! Joy and worship overflowed for in his arms he held “the light for revelation to the Gentiles.” Just one faithful man, willing to wait, and to be used by God to proclaim the Lord’s salvation for all people through Jesus.

It’s hard to wait on God to keep a promise or fulfill the vision He’s given you.

Banda pastors a small rural church in India. Thought they have few resources, God gave this fellowship a vision to reach people with the Gospel. They just didn’t know how. So, together, they began to pray about this need. For three years, they asked God to show them a way.

One day, a Global Disciples facilitator visited. He sat with Banda and explained the Global Disciples vision and approach to equipping people to reach the least-reached. Banda’s face lit up. “This is what we have been praying for!” he declared.

Right away, he asked the facilitator to present the approach to his congregation. After the service, the leaders gathered, prayed and selected one of their own to be the first director to train their people to make disciples.

Their season of waiting was over. And like Simeon, they rejoiced to see God answer their desire to share the light of salvation—the Good News of Jesus—with those still waiting in darkness.

Are you waiting for God to move in your life? Or is someone waiting for you to share the light of Jesus with them? Be faithful. Do it today. And do it with a heart that rejoices like Simeon. The wait is over!

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