Read Matthew 2:1-12  

Imagine following a star, a single light among many, a sign only seen in the dark of night  

When we look at the story of the wise men, we do not know how many there were, how long their travels took them, but we know they set their sights on a star and followed it. They traveled on with focused and faithful expectancy, for the King of the Jews. 

Is there something you have you been waiting for, searching for, hoping for…with focused and faithful expectancy?  

In this modern holiday season of chaos, joy, parties, and gifts, there is still the everyday sufferings we encounter, the reminders that we are waiting on our God to show up. We are waiting on the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.  

In the deserts and darkness of life, is there a hope you’ve been searching for? Is there an area of your life you have been waiting for Christ to show up in? 

The wise men didn’t know what they would find when they arrived at their destination. We don’t know if they expected a child, but when they came upon Him, they bowed down and worshiped the King. God in the flesh wasn’t what the world expected but what the world needed.  

As we remember the birth of Christ, the joy and fulfilled promise of the Messiah, may it inspire us towards focused and faithful expectancy. No matter what you are waiting on God formay you remember that He always shows up. It may just not be how you expect. He will show up in the most unexpected and needed ways.   

This Christmas and the days that follow, when you experience the dark of night or the dryness of the desert, may you continue to walk towards the Light of the World. May you press on in faithful and focused expectancy, knowing that God is going to show up. 


–Mikaela Bender, Global Disciples

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