Advent: Willing to Follow–the Wise Men & Muslims

As I ponder and prepare for Christmas, I’m reminded that God loves to work through the one, through the individual. To draw us into His plan with Him.

Take the wise men. I don’t know if there were two or three or more, or exactly where they came from. But what faith! They knew this star was the sign of a king’s birth. But to act on that knowledge…they willingly acted in faith without fully understanding what they were putting their faith in. Amazing, isn’t it?

I think of so many testimonies we hear as Global Disciples, from Muslims who discover the light and life of Isa al-Masih—Jesus the Messiah. It may not be a star in the heavens, but it’s with dreams or visions. Something that prompts them to take a step of faith without fully understanding what they’re putting their faith in.

One young man in Central Africa said, “I was born in a Muslim family; I grew up following the Koran carefully. One day, I saw a strange light; it showed me I was living in darkness. I decided to go in search of a relationship with God.”

In Jesus Christ, he found what he was looking for, and now he’s learning to make disciples through a Global Disciples training.

Rashid was another devout Muslim, from childhood through university educated in the Koran. One night, he dreamt he was sitting across the table from a man in glowing white robes. Between them lay a copy of the Koran, and another book he didn’t recognize. The man in white set the Koran aside, saying, ‘You won’t need this anymore.’ Then he moved the other book—a Bible—towards him.

Rashid woke up startled; he knew what he had to do. Soon he was knocking on the door of a local Christian—a man he once tried to kill! And he was reborn as a follower of Jesus.

Every day, God draws people to faith in His Son, Jesus. He calls them out of every belief system and every culture, speaking to their hearts in ways they will understand. And He sends His people to show them the light and salvation available in Jesus Christ for all who believe.

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