Do I have Christ’s heart for people?

Read John 13:34-35

As a disciple of Jesus, do I have His heart for people? Do I see each person I meet through the eyes of a loving, compassionate Savior?

Jesus was a people person. His heartbeat for people. You see it across the pages of the Gospels: Jesus talking, teaching, healing, feeding, blessing, reaching out, lifting up, and more. He welcomed the children, calmed the fearful, raised the sick from their beds and the dead from the grave.

As the Son of God, He saw the heart of a person and their deepest need. He knew a lame man needed forgiveness as much as he needed strong legs (Mark 2). That a lonely woman drawing water needed His living water for her thirsty soul (John 4). That a man filled with questions needed to know God loved him to the point of sacrifice (John 3).

Jesus looked beyond appearances, culture, economics, gender, and religiosity to reach out with love, compassion and truth.

We may not have the ability to see a heart in the way Jesus did, but He set the example. He shows us how to touch the untouchables, to speak life to the dying, to refresh the spiritually thirsty, and feed the hungry souls with His life-giving words.

How you love people will show the world that you are Jesus’ disciple (John 3:35). And it’s with the help of the Holy Spirit, and the daily choice to see—and love—as Jesus did, that you’ll develop His heart for people.


Consider this: Think of one person you find it difficult to be kind, compassionate, or loving to. How do you think Jesus sees them? What is one thing you can do today that would reflect Jesus’ love to them?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, loving people is hard. Show me how to see them as you do, and to begin loving them with compassion, truth, and sacrifice. Holy Spirit, cultivate my heart for people to reflect the heart of Jesus, who chose to love me too. Thank you for your work. Amen.


–Barbara Gerhart, Global Disciples

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