Happy International Women’s Day

Women around the world are making BIG moves for the Gospel. Here are just some of their stories…

Ethiopia – Zala

Zala, an elementary school girl in Ethiopia, was given bus money for her ride to and from school. The commute to school was long and her parents wanted to give her the freedom to not have to walk it. But Zala, moved by the vision of spreading the Gospel in her own community, told her parents she wanted to give her bus money to the mission—she would walk to school. The money was just a few cents, but her generosity was everything. Zala gave all she had for the greatest mission God has called us to.

Southern Africa – Miremba

Miremba was busy training people in her church to be disciples of Jesus who go out and make disciples. But when her husband was transferred to another part of the country, she had to leave her thriving training program behind.
As Miremba and her family settled into a new church, she thought this would be a good place to start a new program. “I talked with my pastor,” she said, “and explained the Global Disciple training to him. He listened politely but did nothing to help.” She looked for other ways to serve and get involved in her church, but she was unwilling to give up. And any chance she had, she talked about discipleship-training.

One day, the pastor came back to Miremba. “There were 18 young people on church discipline, so he gave them to me,” she said. “I jumped at the opportunity and began training them, and their lives were transformed. They began to minister in the church, and to take the Gospel to others!” With the help and encouragement of the Global Disciples Facilitator in the region, Miremba began meeting with pastors and church leaders, sharing the vision to train disciple-makers and reach the least-reached with the Good News of Jesus. “They were so excited,” she shared, “and they said we will find participants for you to train.”

Before long, Miremba had more than 100 people waiting to go through discipleship-mission training! “I didn’t know what to do,” she said. The Global Disciple training is usually geared for a group of 15 or so participants—100 was more than she could handle! But with the help of regional leaders and the cooperation of several church clusters, Miremba had soon established three trainings, rotating between multiple locations just to accommodate the demand.
God honored Miremba’s desire to serve Him by equipping disciples of Jesus to make disciples. He did so in a big way—even beyond what she had experienced in the past. Now she says, “I praise God for helping me, and I thank Him for Global Disciples equipping me to train others to reach people with the Gospel.”


Whenever we train GDT program directors, during the training we encourage them to go back home and encourage their people to help the program as much as possible. Encourage them to encourage their people to support the program through food and money, and whatever they can give. And most of the people in the villages and on the mountains are simple farmers. They do not get paid at the end of the month. So whatever they can harvest in the field that is all they have.

After the GDT Directors Training, one of the program directors went home and shared his experience with his family and also the leadership team. As a team they decided to launch their GDT program for their cluster of churches. They also decided to encourage all their members to bring food and money for the program. And all the people in their congregation went home and began to pray about the program. They were excited that for the first time their leaders had decided to train their own young people to send them out for church planting in remote villages on the mountains.

One family, they realized they didn’t have enough rice to support the program and they thought, ‘We have enough time that we could plant some vegetables. And we can support the program with vegetables.’ So the family went to the field and they began to grow some vegetables in their small plot of land. But one day, as everyone was working in the field they began to see the trees moving because there was a strong wind coming towards their village on the mountain. And when people saw the trees, shaking trees because of heavy wind, everyone thought, “Now, if we cannot find a shelter, our life would be in danger.” Because the hailstones, sometimes it comes down very badly and it kills people and animals.

All the people left their jobs on the mountain and began to run and find a shelter to save their lives. But especially the family members of this family who had planted some vegetables to support the program, they thought of the vegetables they were growing to support the program. So when they saw the wind coming towards them, everyone else ran towards a house or a shelter. But they, instead of running together with other people, they ran opposite direction to the field.

As soon as they were on the field, they raised up hands and looked toward heaven and said, “Lord, help us, because if, if you do not stop this wind today, our vegetables will be destroyed by hailstone and there won’t be anything left for our family to support the program.” And they began to pray and ask God to stop the wind. And as soon as they finished prayer, the wind stopped and there was no hailstone that day. And the lady from this family stood up in front of the church, in front of the congregation, and with full of tears in her eyes, she shared and she thanked God that God heard her prayers and they could be part of the program.

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