Lent: A Heart for People

Many Christians use the season of Lent as a time to reflect on their spiritual walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ. To ask hard questions and to listen to what He might say.

Let’s start with this question: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, do you have His heart for people?

During His life on earth, Jesus engaged with people. He heard their words; He saw their hearts, and He looked beyond their status and reputation. He acted out of compassion; He spoke truth. He valued and loved people—enough to sacrifice Himself so that every person could have eternal life.

When I read the testimony from Nanda, from Myanmar, I notice how he reflects Jesus’ heart for people—lost, hopeless, forgotten, rejected, broken people.

Nanda said, “When I became a child of God, I experienced His wonderful love and I was so eager to share it with others.” Even though his family rejected him because of Jesus, it only reinforced his belief that they needed Jesus too. “I felt myself to be appointed as a witness to my people,” Nanda said.

He’s now training disciple-makers and leading them in outreach with the Good News of Jesus. He sees people who have no hope and he’s quick to point them to Jesus.

When he met a man rejected by his community because of his alcoholism, Nanda said, “As a servant of God, I knew that he was so precious before God.” Every time the man asked for money to drink, Nanda prayed. And the Holy Spirit’s amazing work of transformation in this alcoholic’s life opened the eyes of his community to God’s power.

At times, Nanda faced criticism from others—including from other Christians—for reaching out and embracing those with spiritual needs. But he responds, “People around me sometimes say that the Burmese people are not worthy to go to heaven. But God’s love is for all people. As we are working for God, we are to see what’s on the heart of God—and people are so precious in His sight.”

As a disciple of Jesus, Nanda has developed the same heart for people that His Savior has. Have you?

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