Lent: Living in the Power of His Presence


Throughout Lent, we’re reflecting on being a disciple of Jesus.

A disciple of Jesus lives in the power of His presence. The Holy Spirit is resident in our lives and we’re daily being transformed into the likeness of Christ. That’s a beautiful thing.

The life-changing presence of Jesus has completely reshaped Alex’s life. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a civil war, there was instability and conflict. Two older brothers were killed by rebels. Several younger siblings died from illness and malnutrition. And Alex and his family relocated to a neighboring country, fleeing to Uganda as refugees.

His parents were believers, but these hardships made Alex bitter and angry with God. He said, “My heart was bruised; my soul was always wanting and filled with questions. I lost hope for myself and for my future.”

Alex was able to attend school away from the refugee camps, and one day, a team from Global Disciples came to share the Good News of Jesus. In their testimonies, Alex heard something he needed.

“I looked at their joy, strength and their boldness as they preached,” he said, “and I simply decided to take the Lord Jesus to be my Savior.” Since that time, he’s felt so relieved, so confident that because Jesus lives, he also lives. He says, “This is the hope for all my life.”

Jesus’ presence transformed Alex into a passionate disciple, sharing the same message with everyone he can. He was involved in planting 44 churches. He trains disciple-makers. And he mentors those who also train disciples. His greatest desire is to go further and to reach more people with the Gospel.

Kent, an American videographer, recently documented Alex’s story for Global Disciples. He describes Alex as an ordinary man but one “transformed by the power of being in the presence of Jesus, day-in and day-out. And over the years he has cultivated the rewards that come with intimacy.”

That’s a good description of how disciples of Jesus should live—transformed and daily reshaped to reflect our Savior to a needy world.

So, what about you? As a disciple of Jesus, are you living in the power of His presence?

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