Lent: Risk-taking Obedience

During this Lenten season, consider this question: As a disciple of Jesus, do I willingly risk my security to faithfully follow Him?

These days, we crave safety and security. But Jesus doesn’t promise that. Instead, in Matthew 10, He sends out his disciples, warning that they will face hardship and hatred.

So do I willingly risk my security to follow Jesus?

I often ponder this question as I see testimonies from disciple-makers and church planters we serve as Global Disciples. I’m challenged by their faithfulness when it would be so easy to just give up.

Daudi leads a discipleship-mission training in Cameroon, sharing the Good News of Jesus among hard-to-reach people in a difficult region. Their first outreach went well—many people came to faith in Jesus, and they planted a new church. Encouraged, they moved on but this time things got harder, due to a growing national crisis and many tensions.

When rebels burned a neighboring village, Daudi’s team had to evacuate as the rebels were headed their way. “We had to trek to a nearby town for safety,” he said, “There were no vehicles, so we walked all day before we could find a safe place.” Several days later, the situation was calm enough for them to return home.

The next year, they went to another region and ran into a similar crisis. Daudi said, “We were surrounded by rebels! They gave us three days to leave. But we prayed and chose to continue our outreach. At the end, we had planted a new church and left a disciple-maker to be a pastor there.”

Faithful, Daudi and his team accepted the risks. The next outreach, they planted a small fellowship. But, he said, “One morning, the rebels attacked and they wounded two of the new believers; they destroyed our place and scattered all the food we had brought along. But we were not discouraged! We encouraged the disciples and left them with a pastor. We plan to go back soon to strengthen this church and by the grace of God, to plant another one!”

Jesus called His disciples to risk-taking obedience. For the sake of His name, are you willing to take a risk?

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