Creative in a Global Crisis

Our friends have asked Global Disciples how Covid-19 is affecting our international staff and training directors.

Well, we’re only beginning to hear stories about God at work in these unusual days.

Restrictions on travel, the size of gatherings, stay-at-home orders, lockdowns, and social distancing in some form are a common experience. These have forced Global to postpone several regional events that provide ongoing equipping for program directors and staff. It was a hard decision—these events serve as spiritual refreshment for many training leaders and a time of fellowship with others who share the vision for reaching the least-reached.

Discipleship-mission trainings, and small business and leadership programs, are interrupting or suspending their activity because of local or national restrictions. But some are finding that while plans have changed, God is still at work!

Jash is a church leader, working with a discipleship-mission training in north India. He provided some insight into what they’re experiencing. “Our people (believers) are fasting and praying at least one day a week for God’s protection. A month ago, the Lord had spoken to us to be prepared. We didn’t know for what, but we were reminded from Scripture when the virus came,” he said.

Since they are restricted to their homes, Jash shared, “Everyone goes up to their roof and cries to the Lord for the forgiveness of the sins of the land, and for a deeper way to know the Lord.”

As for outreach, the quickly changing times are raising many questions in the community. Jash said, “Even those who opposed the Gospel are contacting us and requesting prayer. They say to us—you say that Jesus, your God, can save us, so include us in your prayers.” This provides an opening for deeper conversations about Jesus and His salvation.

“It is helping us share the Gospel boldly,” Jash reported. Those who participated in the discipleship-mission training answer questions and respond in person where it’s appropriate but much of their outreach is done over the phone!

The disciple-makers are also taking what they’ve learned in the training and sharing it with their families at home—equipping even more disciples!

Being creative with our opportunities to share Jesus with others is one way that God is empowering His people in this unexpected season. Take courage and do your part too!

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