What Can I Do Today?

What can I do today?

Have you been asking yourself that lately? Has your routine suddenly and radically shifted away from the tasks and activities that mark your time and energy?

Maybe it’s not about finding a routine or rhythm but you’re asking this question out of a sense of helplessness, a need to fix something or change whatever you can.

We’re living in messy, uncertain days, and mostly in isolation that keeps us from doing what we would normally do to “fix” things.

So, what can you do today?

Well, I can’t speak to every need right now but let’s consider a few things you can do today on behalf of the Kingdom work of God through Christ-followers like you, and Global Disciples too.

Isolate doesn’t have to mean insulate. While you’re staying home or social distancing, take advantage of this time to learn more about the big wide world you live in. Search the web for stories and videos from churches and Christians in other countries and people groups. See what the global Body of Christ looks like, sounds like, prays like and worships like. Tap into their experience of walking with Jesus, and let it encourage your walk too. As for stories, you’ll find plenty of them here at Global Disciples. I personally recommend Alex’s story.

Share your stories. While you’re with your family, take the opportunity to share your own testimony with your kids, or maybe hear from the grandparents. How did you come to faith in Jesus? What have you been learning from His Word? From others in the Body? What spiritual lessons can you pass along within your home, and even with friends? Text, call, Facetime, whatever you prefer—share your stories of God’s faithfulness. And share stories about His work around the world.

Be generous. It can be hard to think about giving when you don’t know what’s going to happen with your income, your job, your business, your investments, but God’s call to generosity, is a call to faith, recognizing that all “our” resources belong to Him, and He is our provider. You can be generous in many ways even beyond money. There’s something about giving that God uses to release joy in your life, and to keep you engaged in what He is doing. Plus, there are many people and organizations with significant needs, and every little bit helps.

Pray. It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? You’re probably already praying more frequently and over different things than you did just a few weeks ago. If you only pick one answer to what can I do today—let it be prayer.

As Global Disciples, prayer is the bedrock for everything we do. And what are we praying for? Within our staff and leadership here and around the world, we are praying over many things. We pray for our people, for our plans and dreams for the future, for creative and strategic ideas, for God to supply all our needs, and to give us wisdom in the way to go.

And we are praying for the healing of the nations—not only for release from this pervasive virus, but also for healing from fear and anxiety. Healing for the pain of loss, the troubles that arise from isolation, loss of income, loss of security. Healing from hunger, sickness, anger, pride, and all the very human, humble needs each person experiences. And we pray for new opportunities to share His name, in places that have never heard it before.

Most of all, we pray for the spiritual healing of the nations—for the Spirit of God to pour out the knowledge of God and draw hurting hearts to the Savior. For the lost to be found, the broken to be mended, the spiritually dead to be raised to new life.

This is our greatest prayer—before, during, even after the current crises subsides. Would you pray this with us? It’s what you can do today…and every day.

–Barb Gerhart, Global Disciples

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