24 Hours of Global Stories

Ever heard a story so good you had to share it? Global Disciples is sharing 24 never heard stories from all around the world. We want to share this current good news with you! Check out #24HoursOfGlobalStories on Instagram and Facebook to view more of these stories.

1. “During this period of COVID- 19 where we are restricted in homes and no church meetings are allowed, as a leader in the house I have taken it upon myself to share the word of God to my family members and two other neighbors farms were we conduct a service every Sunday morning. Through this meeting, two people have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and this has brought so much happiness in our families that now we have even started to meet for prayers as a group on Wednesday evening. We honor God for these souls.”

2. “During open air meetings, some drunk youth and drug addicts would attend the meeting shouting jokingly they wanted to get saved. Occasionally, they would be prayed for and they left. One evening, some youth came to the open air meeting. This time some of the youth were not in hurry to leave the meeting. Curious of the strange behavior, one church planter approached them, when these youth were asked whether they can fellowship with them the next Sunday, they complained that the churches were far away from the village. The church planter told them were they will meet the following Sunday. The happy youth promised to join them. One of the youths name is Jacob, who was drug addict, he kept on coming with new friends who wanted to see where he was going to church. Jacob has started reaching out to his fellow peers.
At the end February the new fellowship was gaining momentum with 16 people. Some of these people were known drunkards coming to listen to the Gospel. When the government barred churches meetings because of COVID-19, they are going on in home fellowships with their families. The work of God continues even in these times.”

3. “During our outreach program in April we were doing door to door evangelism and we met an elderly ill woman in her house alone with no one to take care of her, her husband died in 2009. After the death of her husband, her children and her grandchildren began to call her a witch and abandoned her alone. After hearing her story I was in tears, then I hired a man from the same village to take her to the hospital and I bought her food with the little money I had in my pocket. Then we encouraged her and prayed with her then we left the village.”

4. “Soon after hearing the Gospel, the family began to share all the difficulties going through. She used to not be able to eat food and she used to cry and suffer with lot of pain and sadness, this went on for about 4 years. Her family and her came to the church very next Sunday, She was crying and talking about her pain. The pastor and disciples prayed for her and family. The Lord touched and healed her from the sickness. This healing led the girl and her family to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and savior.
On the very next Sunday, she gave the testimony, how the Lord Jesus has healed her from sickness. Now she is able to eat without any difficulties. She and her family are living a happy life and they will be baptized in May. This family has been regularly sharing the Gospel to others also.”

5. “During the training the Lord spoke to us repeatedly to take the Gospel to rejected, neglected people in society. We did not understand, who these rejected, neglected people in the society are. We began to do our outreach ministry, soon after training the Lord guided us to a place in between India and Nepal border. We entered the village, we began to speak to some women over there who were sitting outside their houses. As we were speaking them, the Lord led us to share the love of Jesus to them. All of them were eagerly listening the Gospel of Jesus, deliverance and acceptance. We began to pray towards the end, some of them started confessing their sins with weeping and crying. Soon after that, we came to know twelve of them were involved in prostitution.
The Lord put a burden to us to counsel these women and help them to come out from this slavery. It took us about a month to counsel them and help them to leave. Eventually, they all gave their lives to Jesus and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We began to meet as a fellowship in that village every Sunday. Today they are regulars in the church and growing in the Lord.
These women were involved in prostitution to earn their living, we felt the need to help their living to earn for them and their children. We decided to give them sewing machines and we appointed a trainer for them to teach stitching. They have learned the stitching and taking care of their families by their daily earnings.
They also share with others, how the Lord Jesus has delivered them from their past lives. Please pray for them and the entire village.”

6. “GPS was not a summer camp, but a time in which the Lord through his Holy Spirit heals the wounded, strengthens the weary and increases the strength of the weak; it was a place for those who yearn and seek that great for which God created them. In GPS I not only received healing, direction and strength; I received an identity in Christ and a purpose for my life. Now I am dedicated to working with children in an area of great need and raising a new group of people to form a new church this year.”

7. “Though all the religious meetings are cancelled due to Coronavirus, I managed to find time to share the Good News of Jesus to unbelievers during lockdown. During Passion Week, with my team we organized three days gospel meeting at J~~ village and preached the Good News of Jesus to unbelievers.
During these three days, four people gave their lives to Jesus. One among them belonged to an underground group, other one was a drug addict, and remaining two are from a very poor family. After giving them careful counseling, four of them were given water baptism on April 26, 2020 and committed their lives to follow Jesus.
Pray for the spiritual growth of these new believers.”

8. “Praise God for the hours to share what God had done on me. l was thinking it is unnecessary to do evangelism. Even if l don’t preach the Gospel, there are many people who are preaching the Gospel. If l get a chance l will just share it but not at all time, only when l get inspired to share l will do it. It was my first thought and l was so much afraid to spend my little money for the ministry. Whenever a service or evangelism program was conducted, l used to hide away my purse. BUT a great change took place in my life, when l attended the small business training. My every mindset became opposite with my old life. l became generous to give away what l have in my pocket and l found happiness in giving. Every Sunday, I try to gather people and provide meals to share the Gospel. At most l became a woman who is always finding ways to share the Gospel to those who don’t hear yet the Gospel. l could able to feel the heartbeat of Jesus that He wants all people to be saved and to come in the knowledge of Truth (I Tim 2:4). Hallelujah….”

9. “Many times the contest in the mission field is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places…It’s the contest for the territory. Many lessons have been learned. We must be strong and prepare adequately before embarking on outreach.
We are more sensitive to the activities of evil.
God is bringing deliverance, healings and many people are giving their lives to Christ in many village. Churches are being planted because the power of God is present with us.”

10. “On an outreach at a coastal village an old pagan man and his entire household submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The man gave space on his premises for fellowship. Due to this invitations to pray for the sick began to come from the villagers and this gave rise to the establishment of many fellowships’ and baptisms. In the same village a demon possessed Lady who was finding it difficult to read the Bible got delivered through prayers, she instantly began to read clearly. The Lord is working through so many in these days.”

11. “For the glory of God we started the training trusting that God would support us although there was some opposition. We continued to believe God and the truth that God gave us His support because there were leaders who were opposed but realizing the vision of Global Disciples, they embraced the vision and thank God, we have opened four fields of preaching.
One in an area dominated by the Mau Mau gang, another in the area where different types of drugs are heavily marketed, another in a community called 15 de September, and another in a community called San José. About 14 people come to the church who are being discipleship by four leaders. For me as director I am grateful to God first and to Global Disciples for awakening the passion in us to win souls.”

12. “When they arrived the village, one renown witch by name Daniel whom everyone fears because of his mystic powers and who had equally killed many people with witch craft powers was there at that time. He had vowed that any Christian that comes to this village will either die or became mad. The director and the church planters came anyway, after 2 days no Christian died nor became mad; that began to trouble the witch doctor; the director and the church planters were so prayerful and God’s power began to manifest in the life of that witch doctor. On the 5th day, he discovered that all his mystic plants and herbs herbal planted in his house became dry. At this, he lost his peace, came to the crusade grown and confess that Jesus is greater than witch craft power. He surrendered his life to Christ, decided to burn all his charms, and to the glory of God he is now born again. His conversion and testimony opened the way for many in the village to come to Christ; the good news is that Daniel is a child of God today, preaching Jesus. He is even one of the participants of the current 3rd year training of Missionary School.”

14. “During my time of sharing with the participants I was touched by their strong desire to understand Global and their commitment to go to the villages to preach the Gospel. A participant had testified how teaching about forgiveness had given him the capacity to forgive and he decided to be a reconciliation agent in his village.
During meeting with church leaders to promote Global’s vision the pastors had expressed their commitment because for them their community needs the Gospel. I was really touched by the fact that this country needed to be evangelized.”

15. “After the GDT training a man led his team of participants for an outreach to remote region. They were physically assaulted by the community who were predominantly idol worshippers. They fled and resorted to fasting and prayer for 3 days. In the place of seeking God more fervently God revealed to the leader that they should go the way of praise and worship. The leader took his guitar and led his team back to the village. They gathered under a big tree and began to reel out melodious Christian tunes that attracted and captivated those passing by. Within a short period of time there was a large gathering around them. Several accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. 5 Fellowships were established. 20 people were baptized.”

16. “During COVID-19:
1. Families are building more intimate relationships.
2. Relationships are deepened spiritually.
3. How to depend on God is more of a reality than before, there is more evangelism activities with positive results than before the crisis.
WE are sure to have a stronger Christian communities during this period than before. We also foresee high quality of work now and after this crisis; for the quality of the worker determines the quality of work.”

17. “Three phase’s program directors that means, GDT, SBD and LEAD program doctors and some Church planters and Church elders decided that they each would give as much as they could to help a Muslim community that was suffering.
They did this, then, and gave the money to the representatives of that village.
When the representative and people saw and received the gift of love and generosity they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. The representatives and people called for the program directors and Church elders saying, Pray to the Lord to take away this pandemic.
As the word of God say ‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which in heaven’ By directors and church elders good work God received glory in that town.”

18. “Early in the morning I heard people shouting, I went to see the situation, the son of the local witch doctor was highly sick. He was unconscious, there was no car, he was almost dead. People worshiped this witch doctor for so many years now he was shouting and mourning the loss of his only son.
I ask them to pray for this young boy. Some laughed, some became angry. But the mother of the boy allow me to pray. I prayed for about 10-15 minutes. This time people began mocking.. Suddenly the boy started slowly moving. People became quiet. Finally the boy was healed.
This opened the door for me to preach the gospel. That day it was a few people who believed in Jesus. After a week witches came to me and repented they became free from satanic possession. Because of that divine miracle, the area totally changed. More than 2000 people came to Christ, 17 church planted in the area and they cross to other areas and planted 8 more churches. This happened within 2 years. Praise to be the name of the Lord.”

19. “As we started to share the Gospel and distribute the gospel tracks we began to sense that something was not going right. Soon some of the radical Muslims of that that village stared chasing some of our team members out from that village. Within half an hour we were cornered in the middle of the village, surrounded by hundreds of them with knives, axes, sickles and hockey sticks in their hands threatening to kill us all. Tension was very high. We did not know what to do right at that time. Fear and uncertainty surrounded us.
I was asked so many questions. God gave me boldness and courage to face them during that hostile situation. After few minutes I came to learn that we were to put in the community hall which was in the idle of the village for further questioning and persecution, but unfortunately they could not find out where the key was. We were praying in our hearts for God’s intervention and deliverance. Another half an hour had gone by they still could not find the key of that hall. With the sun getting hotter and hotter, the tension was also still grim. Some of us thought that it was the end of our life. They still could not find the key to open the community hall. That time we sense that God was doing something, God started intervening, and there was confusion among them.
As we were still in that hostile situation God’s intervention was evident with the coming of an elderly man who was respected by all his villagers. He came and commanded them not to touch or harm anyone of us. From that moment we felt a ray of hope and life. We were asked to leave that village and go back as soon as possible. We left that village and came back home rejoicing with praising God for His great deliverance. We cannot or will not forget His great acts of deliverance. God saved our lives to save others with the gospel of Jesus. Amen.”

20. “God started to speak strongly in the heart of the program director during the Director’s Training. He began to see many in his state who are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus. As he launched his training program, God started to speak in the hearts of the church planters as well. So with many days of in-reach and preparation in prayer and fasting, they went to remote places in the state of Sikkim taking the good news of Jesus Christ wherever they went. Many believed and were encouraged to join the nearby fellowships. Had this program not taken the initiatives, had God not spoken into the hearts of the program directors and the church planters, these communities and villages would still be waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and we can’t tell for sure that they would have an opportunity to hear the good news.”

21. “God demonstrated his power by defeating the local evil spirit troubling a family. One family moved to an Appleyard and pitched his tent. Since the very first day, the spirits started to trouble this family. They would hear different sounds in the night around them and even in their rooftops. The mother used to feed the children early and go to bed as early as 4 p.m. because of fear of the spirits.
One morning, the family say their television fallen upside down due to the activities of the spirits at night in their house. This went on for a while until the program director came across this family and battled against the spirits in the name of the Lord. Victory belonged to the Lord as always. The family decided to follow Jesus. Now, they run a house fellowship in this place. People come and worship the Lord, there is prayer and admonishing one another from the Word of the Lord. Praise the Lord.”

22. “I was born and brought-up in Muslim family. As a Muslim, I knew Jesus as a prophet but I did not believed in him as God and Savior. For a time I suffered with stomach pain. After two years I went for an X- ray and the doctor said there was a tumor in my stomach. Shortly after a group of believers came to me and told me about Jesus. They said if you believe in Jesus, He could heal your stomach pain. They prayed for me. The following day, we went to the clinic. The doctor said there is nothing wrong with you and there is no tumor in you. From this I do believe in Jesus as my savior. Really, He healed my pain. My stomach pain is no more. But I am afraid to go to church for worship. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you.”

23. “We went to visit a remote village who had never heard the Gospel. They often prayed to evil spirits. One night, as many villagers came to us, we started singing Gospel songs & shared the Word, the salvation of Jesus Christ. They watched & listened attentively, they were happy & joy-filled because this was the first time ever hearing this in this village.
Two young boys accepted Jesus as their personal Savior shortly after. Then the opposition started from the Village Authority that ‘No Christians are allowed to live in our village’. We trained & equipped these two youths as Christ’s disciples to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their village.
God is working in this village through them and Christians are increasing slowly. May we keep them in our prayers!”

24. “As we went to share the gospel we met a woman who suffered from cataracts and an inability to see. She had spent a lot of money for her eyes but could not better. We shared the good news of Jesus with her and prayed for her eyes. Immediately her eyes were healed and she was able to see clearly. At once, she believed Jesus as her savior. Many people were amazed. God is opening the door for the gospel through her. Now, 9 people believed in Jesus and were baptized, worshiping the Lord. Even now there are more people who are preparing their heart to believe in Jesus. Please, hold us in your prayers. Thank you.”

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