Living in the Love of Christ

“I was living my life in darkness, totally ignorant about Jesus Christ and His love,” Amrit said.

Born into a Hindu family in northeast India, Amrit was raised to worship the gods and goddesses his parents did. As a young man, he observed all the festivals but often as an opportunity to drink or gamble. He knew nothing of the power of the Gospel, chasing only his own desires and keeping his family’s beliefs.

Concerned with the direction of Amrit’s life, a good friend invited him to put his faith in Jesus Christ. Amrit said, “I asked, how will I benefit if I become a Christian? He told me when you believe in Christ, there is power to change your life!”

Amrit was curious so he accepted his friend’s invitation to a Christmas celebration. As he heard the story of a baby who was the Savior of the world, Amrit said, “The word of God was a spear to my heart, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior.” He was even baptized that day!

Yet he struggled to understand God’s love for him. Amrit attended a local fellowship, seeking to learn more. One Sunday, as the pastor spoke on the crucifixion of Christ, it clicked. Amrit said, “I was so shocked—Christ was hanged on the cross as the substitute for human sins—for my sins! I finally understood in my heart how much the God of heaven loves mankind if He would die for us. This is how I came know the love of Christ.”

Amrit’s life changed under the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. “My worldly life and self-focus has been transformed,” he said. “Whatever was in my old nature is gone away; because of Christ’s blood, all things have become new in my life, in my inner being.”

He participated in a local discipleship-mission training, launched with the help of Global Disciples. “It has made me a disciple of Christ, and the Kingdom of God reigns in me and my family. I have dedicated myself to serve Him until my last breath.”

Amrit knows the powerful, transforming work of Christ, and he lives his life now to share it with those still waiting for the Good News.

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