“I realized God took me to Global Disciples training to change my thinking,” Jorge said. A church leader in El Salvador, Jorge is now directing a new discipleship-mission training program.

Like many leaders new to the Global Disciples approach, he came with one idea in mind but what he discovered exceeded his expectations. “I thought it would just be for my church,” he said, “but God wants us to build more for His Kingdom.”

As Jorge explained the vision to his congregation and invited people to the first discipleship training, their response surprised him. He said, “A 13-year-old girl came up to me and said, ‘I want to be an evangelist.’ A 67-year-old woman who could hardly walk—she wanted to be trained too. I didn’t understand all that God was doing!”

The initial group of 15 began their Global Disciples training under his direction and when it came time to put the training into practice through outreach, Jorge was again stretched in his expectations.

He said, “Actually, I was afraid. We planned to go through our main street, to the main houses, and I was trembling!” At first, their efforts had little effect. Jorge said, “Then we got to the 27th home, and one of the team called me over. Two young people came to faith in Christ! And our team was on their knees crying.”

This breakthrough gave Jorge and the disciple-makers confidence in what God was doing through them. They continued to talk to people about Jesus and pray for them. In one household, something was wrong with the family’s chickens. So Jorge prayed for the family and this problem—and five people came to faith in Jesus! “We also went to a market place, where the prostitutes hang around,” he said. “We handed out bread and sweets, talked about Jesus, and seven people came to faith, including two prostitutes!”

By the end of their outreach, Jorge’s team had led nearly 100 people to Christ in just a month. They were preaching in three communities, getting newly-planted fellowships off the ground, and baptizing new believers. The youth from his church were taking on more preaching and activities to continue reaching people.

The vision is expanding too. Jorge reports that after his denomination’s leaders saw what happened, they encouraged him to share the Global Disciples’ vision and approach in all their churches!

Despite his fears, despite uncertainty and his own limited expectations, Jorge has discovered a new perspective on reaching people with the Good News. God has opened his eyes and shifted his vision from an inward focus only on his church to an outward mission to reach his community and nation.

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