Reaching the Least-Reached in Restricted Times

With Covid-19’s ongoing impact on our world, is it possible to continue reaching least-reached people with the Good News of Jesus?

Yes. Despite rapid changes and restrictions, disciples of Jesus—people like Sara—continue to find ways to carry out His Great Commission.

Sara leads a discipleship-mission training in a predominantly Muslim region of Kenya. She was raised Muslim but came to faith in Jesus Christ.

When travel was restricted and large social gatherings were banned at the end of April, Sara and the disciple-makers she trained could not move forward with their usual plans. Instead, they decided to focus on local one-on-one outreach, praying for people and helping with needs as they could. She set up a place where people could come for prayer twice a week.

Within two days, they saw God begin to work. One of the first people who came in need of prayer was an older Muslim woman diagnosed with a cancerous tumor. Sara and others prayed for her and God answered with healing. He also healed a young girl of her epilepsy. These clear signs of God’s presence and power opened the eyes of many people.

The older woman was quick to give her life to Christ, and she began to send other people to Sara and her team. They come in ones and twos with needs for prayer, and to hear more about Jesus who saves and heals. What started on two days a week has become a daily ministry just to keep up with the many needs!

In the first two weeks, at least 20 people placed their faith in Jesus! And those are only the ones who’ve confessed their faith openly. Sara said there are many more Muslims who confess secretly, for fear of their families.

Sara reports, “My Muslim community and the surrounding areas are more open to the Gospel now than ever before. My prayer is that when God intervenes to end the pandemic, we are in a position to reach out to even more Muslims.”

Praise the Lord for His good work! And pray for Sara and many disciple-makers and leaders like her as they continue sharing the Gospel in these unusual days.

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