God’s Work Does Not Stop

“Last year, we could not train due to Covid-19 restrictions. But God’s work did not stop. It went on in ways we did not expect.”

Prior to COVID-19’s most recent devastating sweep across South Asia, Global Disciples program directors had opportunities to gather in small regional groups to pray, fellowship, and share reports on the past year. While acknowledging disappointment over discarded plans, they expressed their joy, wonder, and gratitude at the powerful hand of God.

“God’s work did not stop,” Jai said. “To have regular fellowship and evangelism, we divided our congregation into 24 house fellowships.” The money they had budgeted for training went to help church planters and many needy people in their community.

“We challenged our believers to win 300 people for Christ this year, and everyone is playing their part!” Jai said. By the end of the initial lockdowns, this local fellowship had grown to 500 believers. God is at work!

Suchi leads a small business development training which sent out 20 church planters to do ministry through business. “During the lockdown,” Suchi reported, “I lost my first-born baby and tested positive for Covid—it was a very difficult time.” Yet God was at work. One of the church planters had started a vegetable business—a business allowed to continue during lockdown. He helped many families in need, and by living out Christ-like compassion, ten people accepted Jesus! He’s planted two small fellowships.

Another church planter had a tailoring business. During lockdown, she led 12 people to Christ, and started two new fellowships. God’s work does not stop!

In a community where believers faced intense opposition and arrest, God did a wonderful work. Surya, a high-caste man from a wealthy background, saw the sign board for a local fellowship. “I feel that somebody is forcing me to come here,” he told the pastor.

Surya had lost everything, his wife was working as a housemaid, and his young son was possessed by an evil spirit. They had a temple in their home that people came to visit. “I have tried everything to get rid of these problems,” he said, “and now I come to you.”

The pastor prayed with him, and Surya accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. God also delivered the son from the evil spirit; Surya’s son and wife joined him as believers in Jesus and demolished the temple at their home. The pastor rejoiced, “God did this miracle in the same place where believers were persecuted!”

In these desperate days, millions in India and around the world are looking for hope, for comfort in the face of death and despair. God’s work doesn’t stop, and neither do His people.

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