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You seek to equip your people to be disciples of Jesus, and to make disciples where they live. That’s what Global Disciples empowers African, Asian, and Latin American churches to do.

You have a vision to reach your community with the Good News of Jesus. So do they.

As we partner with these churches a continent away, we also seek to build a partnership with your church, here in North America. We can help you

  • Develop your vision for least-reached people—those who still need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Increase your understanding of mission strategy that effectively reaches least-reached people.
  • Complement what you’re already doing in mission efforts, by providing resources to help you talk about, relate to, and pray for least-reached people, and promote mission.

Talk to us today to see how Global Disciples can serve the mission vision of your congregation and give others an  opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.

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Mission Possible E-Book

This brief article can help your mission committee (re)consider their efforts and even recalibrate. Please note that it has a heavy emphasis on global mission. This is not intended to minimize your local efforts but rather to compliment them as you weave all your mission efforts into the one mission Christ called us to.


Near-Culture Ministry e-Book

An inside look at the near-culture worker, the effectiveness and value of this strategy for reaching least-reached people. From Galen Burkholder, founder and CEO of Global Disciples, this e-book offers insight into the heart and mission of Global.


Least-reached Infographic

A snapshot of the need and challenge for missions to least-reached people. Useful for social media, PowerPoint, or to print as a bulletin insert or handout.

Church Security Guidelines

Share Mission Stories Safely

It is one thing for a missionary or local worker in a restricted country to suffer persecution because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is quite another matter if they are put in harm’s way by the unwitting sharing of their impact by Christian brothers and sisters half a world away.
So how does your church communicate about what God is doing overseas in a way that does not put our brothers’ and sisters’ safety and ministry at risk?
How does your church use technology wisely in communicating with the Body at large?

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I simply want to affirm the direction that Global Disciples has taken in regard to church relations. Your approach is us-centered and it’s not a ploy but a strategy to strengthen the partnership between Global and congregations like ours.

Pastor Jim Laverty, Mountville PA

Our church decided to engage with an unreached people group, the Tai Leng, as a result of attending the Finishing the Task conference. After interviewing a number of mission organizations, we concluded that Global Disciples has the most dynamic presence in Myanmar along with the most fruitful results in terms of disciple-making and church planting activities among unreached groups.

Mark Ellis, Elder, Laguna Beach CA

A recent vision trip had a profound mutual impact on me and my church. We are far beyond a faceless check being written each month and into understanding these are real people, with real stories, and real needs. Our congregants see themselves as real contributors to the work God is doing among the least-reached people of our world.

Pastor Shawn Otto, Sarasota FL