Legacy Giving

Investing in the Future

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Gifts of Assets

Did you know that 90% of America’s wealth is held in assets that are other than cash?

While many of us make cash gifts to Global Disciples through annual income, using charitable tools can multiply your Kingdom impact!

If you are considering a significant charitable donation to Global Disciples during your lifetime, or at the end of your life, we encourage you to speak with our team. We’ll partner with you to assure that your wishes are understood, and that your gift is given in a way that will help you plan for the future and maximize each gift.

We will be honored to work alongside your trusted financial advisors, or charitable foundation, as you consider:

A gift to Global Disciples that you can make now

Beyond a gift of cash, consider donating highly appreciated assets such as farm commodities, shares of stock, real estate, closely held business interests, and annual retirement account required distributions; or a designate a gift through your donor advised fund. You will receive significant tax benefits, while maximizing your impact.

A gift to Global Disciples that gives you income

Are you in a position to identify a portion of your assets that you would like to designate as a future gift to Global Disciples—but still desire to receive income from these assets during your lifetime? Consider a Charitable Gift Annuity, through the foundation of your choice. Gift the amount you want to donate, and you’ll receive quarterly interest income, along with an immediate tax deduction, for future gift benefits to Global Disciples.

A gift to Global Disciples that you can make later

A simple designation in your will today will make a significant difference in our mission to reach the least-reached. Or make a beneficiary designation through your retirement account or life insurance plan—both are smart and cost-effective tools to reduce the tax liability for your estate and maximize gifts to your heirs and Global Disciples. Your financial advisor can tell you more about these simple options.

Thank you for making Global Disciples part of your long-term giving, helping to reach the least-reached 'til the whole world knows.

Ready to take your first step?

Tools to help you leave a legacy

Would you like to learn more?

Our friends at Signatry provide a calculator to show how complex gifts, such as business assets, can multiply your generosity.

Our friends from the Everence Foundation provide financial calculators to show you how Charitable Gift Tools might work for you.

Tribute Gifts

Would you like to honor a family member, colleague, or friend through a gift to Global Disciples? Tribute gifts can be applied to Global Disciples annual operations or designated for work in a country or region that reflects the life story of your honoree. Simply indicate the name of your honoree and funding designation in your check memo or in the DESIGNEE field when making an online gift.

Legacy Seed Funds

Global Disciples provides seed funds and offers guidance to clusters of churches we serve so they can equip and send out their own people to make disciples and plant churches.

To encourage local sustainability, we require local churches to supply a minimum of 51% of all resources needed to launch the first year of their training program. Over a period of three years, Global Disciples Seed Fund contributions decrease annually, as local funding increases. By year four, the local church fully funds their own program, and distributions from the Global Disciples Seed Fund are directed toward new programs.

2-1 Funding Pie Chart

In 2019, 419 international church leaders were trained to begin new programs. These programs are now eligible to receive seed funds.

While our seed funding ceases after three years, 84% of all programs launched with the help of Global Disciples in the last 23 years continue to actively train and send out workers. And 736 current programs are sustained by local resources and members of the Global Disciples Alliance.

These programs MULTIPLY.

During the past year, our 1,966 program directors multiplied their impact with 17,658 disciple-makers trained and sent out, resulting in 3,507 new churches planted in least-reached areas, and 83,515 new believers worshiping in these newly-planted fellowships.


Fund Options and Management
You can invest in the Global Disciples Legacy Seed Fund through a variety of financial tools that will maximize your Kingdom impact. We encourage you to speak with your trusted financial advisor about the following gift options:

  • Cash or Securities
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Gifts of life insurance, or distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Bequests through your will or estate plan

The Global Disciples Legacy Seed Fund is managed by a seasoned team of financial professionals, appointed by Global Disciples. Investments in the fund are distributed to our international programs, over a 5-year period.