Our Response to COVID-19

As you are aware, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced much of the world to be confined to their homes. This has led Global Disciples to postpone most of our Spring trainings. But that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working. Our team is staying connected and actively reimagining trainings in this new environment.

We take the current realities seriously. We don’t know what the outcomes will be, but we are making the adjustments—like those required in all our lives. And we believe God is opening new opportunities through these difficult times, which will lead to even greater fruitfulness in the future.

One of the strategic advantages for Global Disciples is that our disciple-makers on the frontlines are not coming home—they are at home, reaching least-reached people in their own homelands!

Our 117 Global Disciples staff members living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, are doing an excellent job keeping in touch with and encouraging the key leaders in the clusters of churches they serve. During this time, these team members have been innovating, using new and traditional tools to continue to strengthen their relationships and multiply disciples.

We can all be challenged by our brothers and sisters:

In an Asian nation that has experienced increasing government restrictions over the past few years, the Coronavirus has added another layer of difficulty for believers. The lockdown and quarantine have continued for several months, making it impossible for the Church to meet together.

Our Global team decided to respond by seeking the Lord. They agreed to a 40-day fast, repenting on behalf of their country, their churches, for not caring enough as people perished—and for themselves and that they would have new fervency for God.

They have viewed both the restrictive government and the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity for God to move and show them innovative ways to do discipleship. Already they had devised a plan to do discipleship with one other person on the phone each morning which multiplies via a chain where each person calls another. As they are coming to the end of the fast, we anticipate new Spirit-led strategies and breakthroughs on the horizon.

They believe locked down discipleship is discipleship unlocked. As we learn from the Church in very restricted settings, even those of us with more freedom but confined to our homes during the Coronavirus, can experiment with virtual tools to daily disciple new disciples who will make disciples. Sometimes amazing opportunities are buried in the middle of a crisis!

Thank you for joining us in supporting the front lines of battle through your prayers and partnership!

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