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God does the impossible when His people pray. We’ve seen it happen! Through prayer, you can be an influential partner in the work of Global Disciples as you pray with and for us.

A Prayer Guide for the Least-Reached

Join us in praying for the least-reached! May 31st is International Day for the Unreached, we can’t think of a better way to support the efforts of workers all around the world than to pray on their behalf. Below we have created a prayer guide that hits the 4 major components you could be praying for now!

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A Prayer Guide in the Midst of COVID-19

Prayerfully developed by Global Disciples for this season, you’ll find 13 areas of focus for prayer. Use it alone or with your household. Picture each in your mind as you pray. Please comply with any local restrictions that affect prayer walks or drives in your community.

We are taking up the call to seek God’s face and intercede for His remedy to the coronavirus. We pray from a place of authority in God’s Kingdom. Intercession is a powerful tool to advance God’s Kingdom and bring healing and hope to the world. We intercede for and declare His truths over our families, communities, countries and the nations of the earth.

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9:38 or 10:02 Prayer Initiative Set your alarm for either 9:38 or 10:02 AM and/or PM as a reminder to pray Matthew 9:38 or Luke 10:02, “that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers,” especially near-culture laborers.
Monthly Prayer Calendar

Get an email or printed calendar each month with daily requests covering the staff and activity of Global Disciples, along with a focus on reaching least-reached people, and the needs and challenges of world mission.


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First Friday Global 24/7/365 Prayer Chain

Join Intercessors around the world in praying for the Kingdom to come. To signup for a specific hour of prayer each month contact us by sending us an email and invite several friends to join you.

Our desire as Global Disciples is that all we do is conceived, birthed, and carried out in prayer.

7 Day Family Prayer Guide

The 7-day prayer guide is a great way for families and individuals to begin praying for the least-reached. It offers an overview of the world’s regions and religions, and the needs of least-reached people. Each day has several key points for prayer. Use this with your children, spouse, or on your own.

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A year ago I trained 15 disciple makers for one month and sent them out. They were from 15 different border tribes. They planted 15 churches with 1,053 people who came to Christ. In the second year training, each of those 15 recruited 2 or 3 more people and I trained 36.
At 1 AM, 300 people came to kill us [the disciple-makers]. However, when they came close to our home they became confused. Then we ended up planting 5 churches in that area among those people who came to kill us. It is God who did it!
– Discipleship-mission Director, South Asia
We are working in 6 districts where it is 95% Muslim. In one week, among one of the unreached peoples, about 1600 souls came to the Lord and 14 new churches were planted.
– Discipleship-mission Director, East Africa
I am so happy at how the discipleship training has taken our church to a whole different level! We had 15 participants who went for outreach after their training. Now they have planted 6 new house churches, 8 new fellowships in different areas, and we saw 179 new believers. We baptized 60 new believers on Christmas Eve.
– Discipleship-mission Director, Sri Lanka
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