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Do I Willingly Risk My Security to Faithfully Follow?

March 20, 2020 |

As a disciple of Jesus, do I willingly risk my security to faithfully follow Him?   Read Matthew 10:18-22, 29-39  Jesus said some hard things…very hard things. Just look at these verses from Matthew 10, and you’ll see just how hard His words are.   He is sending out His disciples and promising them hardship, opposition, arrest, judgment, rejection, betrayal, loss,…

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Lent: Risk-taking Obedience

March 17, 2020 |

During this Lenten season, consider this question: As a disciple of Jesus, do I willingly risk my security to faithfully follow Him? These days, we crave safety and security. But Jesus doesn’t promise that. Instead, in Matthew 10, He sends out his disciples, warning that they will face hardship and hatred. So do I willingly…

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Do I have Christ’s heart for people?

March 12, 2020 |

Read John 13:34-35 As a disciple of Jesus, do I have His heart for people? Do I see each person I meet through the eyes of a loving, compassionate Savior? Jesus was a people person. His heartbeat for people. You see it across the pages of the Gospels: Jesus talking, teaching, healing, feeding, blessing, reaching…

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Lent: A Heart for People

March 10, 2020 |

Many Christians use the season of Lent as a time to reflect on their spiritual walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ. To ask hard questions and to listen to what He might say. Let’s start with this question: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, do you have His heart for people? During His life…

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Happy International Women’s Day

March 5, 2020 |

Women around the world are making BIG moves for the Gospel. Here are just some of their stories… Ethiopia – Zala Zala, an elementary school girl in Ethiopia, was given bus money for her ride to and from school. The commute to school was long and her parents wanted to give her the freedom to…

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Consider the Cost

March 4, 2020 |

Read: Luke 9:23-25 “I’m giving up chocolate for Lent.” “I’m off meat/caffeine/Facebook during Lent. It’ll be good for me.” You’ve probably heard—or even said—something like this. Many people use this season of Lent to exercise aspects of self-denial or sacrifice. For some, it’s a personal discipline, or a time when they remove specific distractions to…

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The Shepherds: Willing to Share

January 2, 2020 |

Read Luke 2:4-21 Who would have imagined that the first news of the Messiah would be given…to shepherds? Ordinary, unimpressive, scruffy, lonely, hard-working sheep-herders on the fringe of society. Why? Why not? The social structures of the day may have treated these lonesome laborers as outsiders, but shepherds are dear to God’s heart. After all,…

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Advent: Willing to Share–the Shepherds & Navaj

December 30, 2019 |

With God, one is a big number. One plan for our salvation and redemption. Jesus, God’s one and only Son, sent to accomplish this. And for each one who believes in Jesus as their Savior, He has one mission: To share this Good News with the people of every language, tribe, nation, and religion. But…

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Simeon: Willing to Wait

December 26, 2019 |

Read Luke 2:22-38 We spend much of life waiting. Waiting for the kids to come home, the paycheck to clear, the game to start. We wait in traffic, in lines, for our coffee to brew, and our pain to ease. We wait on doctors, on buses, on financial reports or lab results. We wait for…

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Advent: Willing to Wait–Simeon & Banda

December 23, 2019 |

Well, the wait is nearly over. Christmas is a season of anticipation, waiting for the big day. Sometimes, especially as a child, it seems like you’re waiting forever! But in the waiting, something happens: activities, shopping, baking, decorating—all the work of preparation for the big celebration. In the years leading up to the first Christmas…

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The Wise Men: Faithful and Focused Expectancy

December 20, 2019 |

Read Matthew 2:1-12   Imagine following a star, a single light among many, a sign only seen in the dark of night.    When we look at the story of the wise men, we do not know how many there were, how long their travels took them, but we know they set their sights on a star and followed it. They traveled on with…

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Advent: Willing to Follow–the Wise Men & Muslims

December 16, 2019 |

As I ponder and prepare for Christmas, I’m reminded that God loves to work through the one, through the individual. To draw us into His plan with Him. Take the wise men. I don’t know if there were two or three or more, or exactly where they came from. But what faith! They knew this…

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