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Redefining What’s Normal

April 6, 2019

“This has not been a normal meeting,” declared a new Program Director from Burundi. “I have never seen leaders from my country do what these leaders have done this week!” It was his first Annual Equipping Event (AEE) as the leader of his church’s discipleship-mission training program. Attending this resourcing event for program directors in…

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Helping with the Vision

March 30, 2019

God has given many of His people around the world a vision to reach those still waiting to hear the Good News. And as Global Disciples, it’s a privilege to be a partner in fulfilling that vision. This Global Story offers one example…

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Following the Vision

March 23, 2019

When a follower of Jesus Christ acts on the vision He gives, something begins to happen. Galen explains with the latest Global Story…

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Leadership: A multiplying church needs leaders who can develop and mentor a new generation of leaders.

Leading with Vision

March 16, 2019

A leader with the right heart for God and His mission can see great things happen. Galen offers a Global Story from Nigeria…

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Embracing the Vision

March 9, 2019

Obed has embraced God’s vision to reach people with the Good News of Jesus. See how this vision is becoming a reality in this Global Story…

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Least-reached but Not Forgotten: the Hadzabi

March 9, 2019

In northern Tanzania’s remote bush, the Hadzabi people hold to their traditional ways as hunters and gatherers. They live in movable camps, seeking water and food from game or other natural sources. They consider the food of the land as God’s gift to them. While they are one of Tanzania’s least-reached people groups, their traditional…

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Perspectives: Generosity

March 9, 2019

“When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required” (Luke 12:48b). In Luke 12, Jesus begins by instructing the disciples not to worry and first seek God’s Kingdom. In verses 33-34, Jesus says to sell your possessions and give…

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A Vision for Nepal

March 2, 2019

To fulfill his vision for reaching people, one leader knows it will take a lot of help–help that he’s training, as Galen reports with this Global Story …

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Sharing New Life

February 23, 2019

The new life you find in Christ is worth sharing with others, as you’ll hear in this Global Story…

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No Pit too Deep

February 16, 2019

You may see someone as a hopeless case but when you see them as God does, you may discover something more, as this Global Story recounts…

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A Life-changing Conversation

February 9, 2019

You never know what God will do through a simple conversation, as this Global Story reminds us…

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Dream Big

February 2, 2019

What are your dreams for multiplying the Body of Christ? Do you need to dream bigger? Then you’ll want to hear the latest Global Story…

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