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Recognizing the Goal

September 2, 2013

    When I think of cooperation, I usually picture rain-drenched people passing sandbags along a make-shift line to reinforce a bulging levee. It’s a concrete example of how we’re willing to work together to achieve a goal. But do we recognize a goal if it’s not as easily defined as a bulging levee? Personally,…

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Authentic Cooperation

August 16, 2013

Two billion people in our world have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus in a way they can respond to. It will take more than one denomination or Christians from any one region to change that. We need to cooperate—to pray and work together as one Body to finish the task Jesus gave…

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It’s Theirs from Day One

August 5, 2013

Local sustainability takes discipline, hard work and a clear strategy. It also requires local ownership. As Global Disciples, our commitment is to see all discipleship-mission or leadership training, or small business development we help launch be owned locally from day one. Many of the groups of churches we serve had never imagined they could afford to…

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A Heart for Generosity

July 4, 2013

I remember vividly that day over thirty years ago when my personal net worth had dwindled to the loose change in my pocket. I needed to make a phone call as I finished up a home inspection so I asked the homeowner if I could use her phone and save the quarter. “Save the quarter?”…

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Following the Model

June 20, 2013

    In Acts 18, the Apostle Paul arrived in Corinth and went to work, making tents side-by-side with new friends Aquila and Priscilla. The business supported him while he preached the Gospel to the Jews and Greeks of the city. This model—using business to give access and support ministry—is one that Global Disciples uses…

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The Beauty of Local Sustainability

June 6, 2013

In simple terms, local sustainability refers to a venture funded or supported by local means and not dependent on external sources. For example, a restaurant generates income from its customers or it closes. At your church, the annual budget is supplied by those who attend. Global Disciples believes local sustainability means indigenous churches around the…

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A Call for Generous Leaders

May 24, 2013

Around the world we need generous, Christ-like leaders. We’ve all seen the brokenness and dysfunction caused by self-centered leaders in families, churches, businesses, governments and throughout society. What a contrast to Jesus, the ultimate example of a generous leader. Secure in His identity and unencumbered by personal ambition, He delighted in time with His Father…

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Leading from the Kitchen

May 2, 2013

As told to the Global Disciples ACCESS Specialist for Africa Serving others sets a Christ-like leader apart from those who lead by the model of the world. It’s not easy; our natural bent is to say “I’m in charge,” not to ask “How may I serve you?” Anne is a Global Disciples Facilitator in Uganda…

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Leading for Growth

April 14, 2013

As told to Barbara Gerhart, Communications Writer/Editor Leading the growing nation of Israel prompted Moses to follow his father-in-law’s advice and appoint qualified leaders to give oversight and guidance to each tribe. Benson, the desert boy, faces the challenge of leading a rapidly multiplying church movement among the Turkana people and he uses a similar…

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Expanding the Kingdom through Small Business

January 15, 2013

Peter* is a big, burly man but tears filled his eyes as he told us his story. He had been an angry, violent alcoholic and his parents-in-law had taken his wife and daughter away, fearful of what he might do to them. His life was in ruins. Then Peter met a disciple of Jesus Christ.…

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Adjusting to Changing Realities

January 15, 2013

By the International Director of Global Disciples Change is one of the constants in life. We wish for change when our situation is undesirable. And we tend to resist it when we like things the way they are. It’s natural to question why changes are being made. Recently, we printed our first full-color issue of…

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Multiplying Mentors

December 4, 2012

By Jon Byler, LEAD Director If one program leader mentors two others for a year, then trains them to do the same, and they continue the process for 10 years, how many will be mentored? 2,024! If each of these has a group of 15 in their training programs, the number of lives impacted will…

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